Mr. Tarig Mubark Magzoub

Member Title: Solicitor General
Organization: Ministry of Justice



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Tarig Magzoub is a lawyer by professional qualification and training. He directed a great deal of his intensive knowledge and skills in scholarly writing, research, and legislative drafting to his area of interest in environmental law.


This interest has been further enhanced by the nature of positions assigned to Mr. Magzoub throughout his career as legal counsel in the Sudanese Ministry of Justice and national legislature as well as positions in academic and training institutions. Mr. Magzoub also benefited from his early association with non-governmental work through his involvement in legislative reform consultations undertaken by the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society. The publications of the said society reflected his contributions in advisory, law reform, and awareness aspects.


Through his co-operation with the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources, Magzoub was able to participate in a number of research and conference activities in relation to the environment especially forestry resources. The academic specialization of Mr. Magzoub in federal constitutions and his position as a legal consultant in the area of intergovernmental relations provided him with the opportunity to better understanding local issues of resource management. The consultancy on natural forests management undertaken by Magzoub to SOS Sahel was a vivid proof of his knowledge and experience in the legal aspects of forests management. Magzoub also demonstrated expert knowledge in biodiversity at the regional sphere in a paper he presented in Damascus, Syria as representative of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development in a workshop held in 1996.


Magzoub has been teaching a course on Environmental Law at the Universities of Khartoum for several years. The curricula for the said course include an inventory of sector legislation in the areas of environment and natural resources.



School, college, and/or University Attended Degree/certificate or other specialized education obtained Date obtained
University of Saskatchewan, Canada Master of Laws 1986
University of Khartoum, Sudan Bachelor of Laws 1983


Employment record relevant to the assignment:

Period Employing organization and title Summary of activities performed relevant to the Assignment
28 August 2016 to present Ministry of Justice, Sudan Solicitor General, Training Department Head. Supervises training and research activity including law reform consultations and intergovernmental linkages. The issue of forestry resource management is always present in these agendas.


1986 -1998 Ministry of Justice,


Legal advisor. Practiced legislative drafting and review. Prepared a study of environment-related legislation in collaboration with the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society in 1988. I also took part in a consultancy on Environment Framework Law in 1998 in collaboration with the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources.

I conducted two consultancy studies in relation to forestry management:

A law reform study for the National Forestry Corporation;

A consultancy on local forests management to SOS Sahel (UK)

1998 – 2002 University of Khartoum, Sudan Lecturer and Head Department of Public Law. Taught constitutional law and environmental law. Continued practice as a legal consultant to environment-related governmental and non-governmental bodies through research and conference activity.
2010 -2013 Sudan National Legislature Legal advisor. Practiced legal aspects of parliamentary law-making and control functions. Issues of the division of powers and allocation of revenues include dispute resolution in relation to forestry resources as part of the functions of the second chamber of parliament. Chaired a committee of legal advisors which reviewed the laws in the areas of shared and concurrent jurisdiction in the national and states level. The same included forestry laws.
2013 -2015 University of Medical Sciences and Technology Associate Professor, Dean of Law. Taught constitutional law, environmental and business law. Continued previous practice as a legal consultant for governmental and voluntary associations.

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