DWN-Economic Empowerment Project

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DWN-Economic Empowerment Project

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DWN-Economic Empowerment Project

Particularly during times of strife, household economy disparity leaves many struggling to find daily work in order to provide for their families. Years of conflict have left many in Darfur displaced from their homes, and vulnerable to shortages in income and basic necessities. The Darfur Women Network strives to aid women with improving their household situation by teaching them the skills of soapmaking and business management.  By teaching women to create needed products, and manage all aspects of managing the business of production and sales, not only will necessities be provided to displaced persons but building entrepreneurship will improve the economic situation of the women workers. This project will allow women to strengthen their ability to support their children to achieve their educational goals and to provide not only for their households but the community at large.  This community-led approach will build businesses that will aid vulnerable families, provide basic necessities to displaced peoples, and teach women to strengthen the economy through the production and sales of necessary items.  This project aligns with SDG goals for 2030.

Together we can help Darfur women gain leadership skills and become empowered to impact their communities through our soap-making project. Please donate to support the project by clicking on the tab below.

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Darfur Women Network

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  • National Priorities

    9- Social Development

  • SDG Goals

    1- No Poverty, 6- Clean Water and Sanitation

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    Development, Humanitarian, Investment

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    In Execution

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