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Introduction to Agile

Learn how to become an effective Agile team that delivers value predictability using the most modern form of Agile project management.

Facilitation & Collaboration Skills

Learn how to become an effective facilitator of group collaboration and an effective participant by exploring modern methods for meeting pre, facilitation and post meeting follow up.

Proposal Writing – Architecting the Winning Formula

This one day workshop is aimed to introduce the participants to the techniques of writing a winning proposal.

Sally Elatta’s Speech at the Education Conference – Alamaal Platform

This video describes the top skills needed for human and professional development to succeed in life.

Effective Leadership

This course aims at introducing the concept of leadership and its main prominent human models.Besides, enabling the audience to develop the required skills for effective leadership.

Conflict Resolution

This course is designed for all types of business to understand how to eliminate or control conflict in their daily routine

The Execution Premium Process (XPP) In Corporates the Balanced Scored Card

This course aims to introduce the latest methodologies in the world of modern strategic management, the Balanced Scorecard, which was developed by Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton from Harvard University, to allow the transformation of strategies from merely being future strategic directions for higher levels of management to becoming strategic targets and performance indicators that can be applied at all administrative levels.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This course explains the definition of indicators, their types, mechanisms of picking and forming them, their adaptation, setting targets and follow-up mechanisms, in addition to presentation mechanisms. As it was said, "What cannot be measured cannot be managed."

An Introduction to Digital Resources & Tools

This session sheds the light on available digital resources to support online learning and collaboration.

Design Thinking

This course aims to introduce "Design Thinking", a creative approach that is being used more and more by entrepreneurs in new projects as well as in big companies to uncover creative insights and innovative solutions.

In-Person or Distance Learning: Organizing School Work using Agile Methods

Agile Practical Series(PART 2): Planning Session