Our Vision

To LeapFrog and transform Sudan in every sector of society to realize our collective dream of Sudan being a leading African economy

Sudan Next Generation is a registered Nebraska 501c3 organization. Click here to Contact Us.

We aim to provide a digital platform that supports and accelerates the development of Sudan.  Our capabilities are:

  • Members: Register all experts, organizations who are supporting the development of Sudan in one unified and publicly searchable database.
  • Projects: Register and qualify all development and humanitarian projects supporting the development of Sudan in one publicly searchable database.
  • Training: We aim to provide human development, technical and civic education. These are delivered in person or via our eLearning platform.

Our Leadership Team

About Sudan NextGen

Sudan NextGen (SNG) is a US-based non-profit 501c3 organization that was formed to support Sudan’s revolution in 2019. Its mission is to unify Sudanese experts in the diaspora and within Sudan to leapfrog the country forward through a combination of development and humanitarian projects.
It has a local team that manages the operations and oversight over projects and has access to over 20 strategic implementation partners across Sudan.
The organization has completed several local projects related to Humanitarian aid, medical support, training and development, leadership and Agile team building, supporting schools, addressing flooding needs, and bringing new agricultural technologies to the Gaziera Scheme.
SNG has 520 experts registered on its platform, more than 200 projects from all different sectors and in all stages of implementation uploaded onto the platform, and more than 140,000 followers on its Facebook page.

Also, one of Sudan NextGen’s strengths includes providing up-to-date online and ground training as part of the NextGen Academy work. One example includes the 60 workshops that SNG’s leadership team and experts provided in Sudan in 2019 to 1200 participants across different states. SNG team has also conducted Agile and Teamwork workshops for several different entities across Sudan including the Ministry of Urban Development, the UNDP, the Gezira Irrigation Project, the Community Medical Response Team, and the National Information Center.

Sudan NextGen has a particular focus on humanitarian aid and women and youth-led initiatives. The Sudan team has been working very closely with many local implementing partners to support their efforts on the ground. Some of the accomplishments include partnering with Nafeer, which is both women and youth-led, in their flood-relief efforts by launching a donation campaign in 2020 in which $186,905 have been collected from generous donors to prevent further flood-caused damage and to support victims and their families.
The organization has also played a leading role as part of the Coalition of Sudanese Organizations against COVID-19 in which 62 Sudanese organizations and communities from all around the world have come together to support Sudan’s efforts to combat COVID-19. Some of the achievements of the coalition include the delivery of consumable medical supplies that have been shipped from the United States in 2020 valued at $403,065, in addition to the distribution of $400,000 worth of medical equipment & PPEs throughout all 18 states in Sudan.

The team is currently partnering with the ‘Kulana Qiyam’ team, which is both female and youth-led, in addition to diaspora donors in delivering $33,000 worth of school meals, clean water, and uniforms to 2,300 students in need across three different schools in Khartoum, one of which is a girls’ only school. The plan is to expand and cover student needs in all different states moving forward.