Supporting the Transition to Peace, Freedom and Prosperity for the People of Sudan

Help us Feed 2000 People in Ramadan!

For 2024 we are partnering with Kulana Qiyam and SAPA to feed 2000 individuals in the Red Sea State and Sennar. We will be providing a complete meal that includes: Aseeda, Gurasa, Baleela, Dates and Juice to each person. The cost is only 1000 SDG per meal which is equivalent to $1 USD. Our goal is to feed: 1000 in Rea Sea and 1000 in Sennar


High Impact Projects

We’re gathering projects that can influence Sudan and Sudanese Citizens in the most beneficial way.

Our Expert Members

We’re unifying experts and advisors from inside and outside of Sudan to help guide Sudan in each sector of society with a focus on current priorities.