Sudan Investment Prospectus 2021

Sudan is in the middle of a political transition and ambitious economic transformation program. This is happening under very
challenging circumstances brought about by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the general slowdown of the global economy.
• These recent challenges, together with the ongoing battle to tackle legacy issues following years of sanctions and underinvestment in all sectors of the economy, have left the government with a limited range of policy options.
• Despite this, 5 big reform programs are underway and will directly impact the long-term investment climate in Sudan:


• Constitutional certainty is crucial for establishing and maintaining political and macroeconomic stability. Both elements are key to achieving the government’s growth and wealth creation objectives.
• As the principal law of any country, certainty on the future constitutional arrangement of Sudan will be critical for the country’s long-term investment strategy and planning.
• Constitutional Reform will be a negotiated political process that will ultimately be decided by all the people of Sudan.
• This process envisages establishing a constitutional conference that will determine the future internal governance
arrangements of the country and how Sudan intends to be viewed by and interact with our neighbors, Africa, and the rest of the world.


To learn more, kindly download the file below:

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