Population genetic data of the 21 autosomal STRs included in GlobalFiler kit of a population sample from the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain’s population consists mainly of Arabs, Baharna and Persians leading Bahrain to become ethnically diverse. The exploration of the ethnic origin and genetic structure within the Bahraini population is fundamental mainly in the field of population genetics and forensic science. The purpose of the study was to investigate and conduct genetic studies in the population of Bahrain to assist in the interpretation of DNA-based forensic evidence and in the construction of appropriate databases. 24 short-tandem repeats in the GlobalFiler PCR Amplification kit including 21 autosomal STR loci and three gender determination loci were amplified to characterize different genetic and forensic population parameters in a cohort of 543 Bahraini unrelated healthy men. Samples were collected during the year 2017. The genotyping of the 21 autosomal STRs showed all of the loci were in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) after applying Bonferroni’s correction.

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