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Energy is an indispensable necessity....

Solar energy is one of the many renewable energy sources that give an
enormous promise to insure mankind with a secure life. With almost no
environmental impact and high Economical benefit, it offers a considerable
opportunity to the sunniest location of the world. Solar energy has been proven
to be a reliable source of power in ever -Growing number of applications.


Solar Energy is an investment that gives a high value of the internal rate of return (IRR) and a short payback period. The saving is swift and the return is immense as it pays itself many times over. Due to technological advancement followed by continuous Research & Development, the prices of solar cells are going competitive in today’s market, and at the same time cell efficiency is getting higher by overcoming its theoretical limitation resulting to price de-escalation of Solar Energy.


The “Irreversible” world leaders` Paris Agreement on Climate and Energy
Action Plan is a step forward in Future on Enactment of Green and affordable
Energy, which focuses on phasing out fossil fuels subsidies and shifting
to Green Energy as soon as feasible and sets out tangible stepladders to
accelerate the world’s transitions to low carbon Energy Systems.


Solar Energy is a Global Green Energy Revolution. It is a movement of a
the sustainable, affordable, and innovative solution in the combat against Climate Change of fossil fuel subsidies. Solar Photovoltaics is the best way to produce carbon- and nuclear-free Energy, as the first step towards sustainable vigorous where the global economy is fast transforming into mainstream usage of renewable energy solution provider. Echo Solar Panels Manufacturing LLC
decided the base to locate in Dubai, U A E, an ideal logistical location for
the global market mainly sunbelt countries as the governing body of U A E is looking to change the future by providing innovative renewable energy solutions to the masses.


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  • National Priorities

    2- Stabilize the Economy

  • SDG Goals

    7- Affordable and Clean Energy

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    Development, Investment

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    Vetted, High Impact

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    Ready for Funding

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    +249 91 958 0997
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    Dr. Mutwakkil

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