A Modernized U.S Policy For Sudan

A new day has dawned in Sudan, thanks to an unrelenting citizen protest movement whose objective is the complete transformation of the state. Now that a major benchmark in that effort has been achieved – the formation of a civilian administration – The Sentry and the Enough Project believe that the United States could utilize an expanded policy toolbox to support further positive change in Sudan.
U.S. policy should aim to strengthen the hand of reformers in the civilian government while limiting the influence of the spoilers of reform and peace, principally those associated with the military and security services. To achieve these goals, economic and diplomatic pressures and incentives from the United States and the broader international community should be aimed at dismantling the violent kleptocratic elements that are still in place within Sudan’s kleptocratic system and that continue to threaten the success of Sudan’s transition.
To that end, the U.S. government should undertake a more comprehensive and nuanced strategy than the approach it has pursued over the past 30 years, utilizing a combination of policy-based incentives and modernized financial pressures to support carefully benchmarked reforms.

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