Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Defense


We dream of a Sudan that is a thriving African economy with educated, engaged citizens and making a positive impact on the world

Our Strategy

With the right vision, with the right policies, we will be able to address this economic crisis. We will have a plan that will address the immediate challenges through our recovery program, addressing the felt need by the people: issues of inflation, availability of commodities, wheat, fuel, medicine and education.

— Prime Minister Hamdok

Top 10 Strategic Priorities

During the transitional period we will focus on these 10 priority areas.
– Source: Atlantic Council Meeting | Dec 5th 2019

#1 Sustainable Peace
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#2 Stabilize The Economy
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#3 Fight Corruption
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#4 Law And Justice
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#5 Women Representation
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#6 Reform Institutions
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#7 Foreign Policy
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#8 Social Development
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#9 Youth Employment
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#10 Constitution & Elections
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The Strategic Themes

To achieve our vision we will focus on these overarching objectives during the transitional period.

  • Fulfilling the covenant of martyrs and for the sacrifices of the Sudanese people

  • Celebrate diversity and pluralism, and respect and promote dignity and human rights.

  • Comprehensive participation and shared social responsibility

  • Justice and equality

  • Transparency and financial and managerial accountability

  • Establish and respect the principle of the rule of law

  • Dialogue, solidarity, cooperation and communication

  • Commitment, professionalism and credibility

  • Promote peace and forgiveness

  • Promotion of the national interest

  • Optimism and positive spirit

  • Innovation and creativity

Urban Development Projects

Expert and citizen teams advising the government

Our Top Challenges

Getting the Peace Process Right

There are many challenges such as having armed groups and parallel negotiation tracks, regional and international interests that interfere with our interests.

De-listing Sudan from SST List

Removing Sudan from the State Sponsored Terrorist list has a lot of bearing on so many processes such as debt investment and also opening the country at large for investments.

Political Pressures

Our people have used led a courageous peaceful revolution and made major sacrifices, they now have very high expectations of very fast changes. The damage done over 30 years cannot be turned overnight, but we will move swiftly.

Economy and Debt

The challenges with subsidies, which consume 30 – 40% of the budget, mounting debt and funding short term needs.

Reforming State Institutions

Whether it is the security sector reform or public sector reform these are both challenges we have to deal with

Creating an Inclusive National Project

We have not succeed over the past 50 to 60 years in creating a national vision project for Sudan, we now have this opportunity to build an inclusive project with fair representation. This also includes the challenges with holding the constitution conference.