#1 Sustainable Peace

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Ending the war and building a comprehensive and sustainable peace & justice.

The issue of ending the war and achieving peace remained the biggest dilemma facing the Sudanese state since independence.

The developmental and political exclusion contributed to the escalation of the crisis, and was exacerbated by the absence of political will to address the roots of crisis, so peace-making operations remained fragmented and did not address the causes and roots of the conflict, so the practical steps of the government in this aspect is:

  1. The immediate announcement of ceasefire in all conflict areas.
  2. Create and support the work of the Peace Commission, its structures, negotiation committees, and community participation in peace, preparing sustainable peace building protocols, agreements and plans.
  3. Reaching peace that addresses the roots of conflict within a comprehensive national framework in terms of issues and parties, especially parties with real interest.
  4. Establishing and activating the Transitional Justice Commission and building compensation institutions.
  5.  Attention to the issues of the displaced and refugees and voluntary return, in addition to the issues of the demobilized.
  6. Setting plans and programs, usually for reconstruction and development, and attracting national and international support, which we can achieve in War affected areas in Darfur, Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Eastern Sudan.
  7. Mobilizing public opinion towards advancing the peace process internally and at the level of neighboring countries, region and the world to support and to promote peace.
  8. Promoting a culture of peace through all media and cultural tools in order to consolidate concepts and principles of peaceful coexistence.
  9. Strengthening the role of the Civil Administration and civil society organizations to consolidate the social peace process.
  10. Establish psychological support units for victims of violations.

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