#2 Stabilize The Economy

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Addressing the economic crisis and laying the foundations for sustainable development.

The government is working to address the economic crisis by stopping the economic downturn and working to lay the foundations for Sustainable development by developing an economic, social and financial program to address the current challenges, crisis the economy has cast a shadow on people’s living, despite the availability of vast and varied economic resources in Sudan, however, this did not reflect positively on the lives of people, as no clear Strategic economic plan since independence contributed to the exploitation of the country’s resources and direct the energies of the people towards a development model that maximizes the benefit from productive activity and achieves efficiency and increases the income of the state and individuals.
Therefore, the programs of the transitional government give priority to the following tasks:

  1. Laying the foundations and strict controls for the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning over public funds through raising the financial effort, controlling and rationalizing public expenditures, activating the unified treasury system, and enhancing Institutional and human capabilities.
  2. Increased production and a trend towards exporting manufactured products to achieve added value.
  3.  Development and promotion of the agricultural, animal and industrial productive sectors.
  4.  Focus on creating a number of projects with preferential advantages and value-added chains such as
    (Meat, leather, oilseeds, and gum arabic).
  5.  Implementing macroeconomic stability programs and structuring financial policies.
  6.  Enhancing economic security, providing food and combating poverty.
  7.  Financing medium and small productive projects, and creating an appropriate environment for medium-sized businesses Small and micro and to ensure technical support and financing for projects to enable the organizing of the non-organized sector.
  8.  Setting and integrating sustainable development goals, protecting human rights and social responsibility within private company plans framework.
  9.  Strict enforcement of the Consumer Protection Law.
  10.  Implementing a census of residents, homes, agricultural, animal and industrial censuses, and the survey’s as a basis for the development planning process.
  11.  Review tax and customs exemptions.
  12.  Reforming monetary policy to contribute to increasing its effectiveness and reviewing and improving risk management in banks to help sustain it.
  13.  Reviewing the Central Bank of Sudan law, confirming its independence and applying global standards for the banking system.
  14.  Creating and strengthening the institutional environment to move to a stage of stability and accelerate economic growth.
  15.  Rehabilitation of existing irrigated and rain-fed agricultural projects.
  16.  Developing and enhancing the livestock sector, providing veterinary services, and preserving animal health and Eugenics.
  17.  Rehabilitating the transportation sector to advance it through its restructuring.
  18.  Developing work programs to rehabilitate the existing industrial zones, and establishing specialized industrial zones.
  19.  Spreading cooperative awareness and activating productive, consumer and service cooperative societies.
  20.  Establish strict measures to remedy the trade imbalance and the balance of payments.
  21.  Developing the investment process in Sudan through an attractive legal and administrative environment, and a review of the Investment law and its procedures, taking advantage of global and regional platforms and consultative meetings in attracting Investors.
  22.  Maintenance and rehabilitation of the electricity sector and investment in alternative and renewable energies.
  23.  Development and production of agricultural production inputs (fertilizers and pesticides).
  24.  Working to increase gold production and increase the government’s share of production.
  25.  Rehabilitation of existing financial projects and construction of new projects (drinking water, irrigation and dams).
  26. Strengthening partnership with the private sector.
  27.  Chasing looted money.
  28.  Attention to increasing business, innovation and developing small and medium industries.
  29.  Benefiting from Sudan’s geographical position in the border trade, in addition to controlling the smuggling.

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