#3 Fight Corruption

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Combating corruption and adhering to the principle of transparency and accountability.
Corruption remained a major institutional issue that exhausted Sudan’s economies, which has eroded resources, and the lack of transparency and accountability contributed to corruption in all joints of the country, which led to the hindering of investment locally and internationally.

As well as obstructing the fulfillment of state duties and responsibilities by state institutions, which led to the loss of trust by citizens towards the state institutions in general and financial ones in particular, Thus the transitional government focus on:

  1. Activating anti-corruption and unlawful enrichment mechanisms and laws and speeding up the procedures for reporting and investigation and transparent and fair trials.
  2. The creation of an independent national commission to combat financial and administrative corruption.
    Reviewing, amending and putting all relevant legislation and laws into force to protect the capabilities and property of the state and strengthening the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning over public money.
  3. Control systems for state revenues and expenditures by using, creating and activating modern networks and technologies and necessary skills.
  4. The need to develop and enforce accounting, transparency and accountability systems to control financial performance in various institutions in the country.
  5. Activating popular and professional monitoring units, communication and complaints windows to achieve the utmost degree of justice Transparency and application of the required standards.
  6. Recovering looted property and property by institutions, bodies and individuals of the previous regime.
  7. Review the activities of investment and commercial units in various state institutions and organize their role in servicing the General budget.
  8. Transparent handling of the issue of corruption, spreading a culture of transparency and fighting corruption through the various media sectors Formal and informal.
  9. Aligning Sudanese laws and legislations with international and regional legislation related to money laundering and financing terrorism and taking practical measures to enforce it.

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