#5 Women Representation

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Ensuring the promotion of women’s rights in all fields, with equitable representation, especially in governance structures in the transitional period.

Based on the international constitution of human rights in 1948 and being aware to the role of Sudanese Women standing in the front lines of the glorious December revolution and as a real actor in society and primarily as a human being, this requires the development of indicators that enhance her role and contribution in all aspects of life, so the government will work during the transitional period on:

  1.  Create and activate the Women’s Commission and Gender Justice, and develop strategies, policies and integration mechanisms to include gender in all areas.
  2.  Including women’s rights in all social, political and economic fields, and their fair participation in all state institutions and governance structures.
  3.  Ratify international and regional agreements on women’s rights.
  4. Encouraging positive public discourse towards women’s issues, especially through the media.
  5.  To sponsor programs aimed at political participation in public action, defense and rights acquisition.
  6.  Encourage and support women’s organizations in all public areas.
  7.  Economic empowerment of women through access to economic and administrative resources, including financing and building productive and cognitive capabilities.
  8.  Activating and expanding the umbrella of social and health security for all women Focusing on low-income women.
  9.  Ensuring the principle of equal opportunities in all fields, empowering women economically and providing decent work opportunities in all Domains.

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