#6 Reform Institutions

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Restructuring and reforming state agencies.

There is an urgent need to dismantle the enabled state’s institutions and agencies and to restructure the civil service to achieve Its nationalism and neutrality and addressing imbalances, conflicts and distortions with the aim of its effectiveness to serve the issues of concern of the citizen through:

  1. Reviewing and amending the laws and regulations organizing the workers and activities of the civil and military apparatus of the state.
  2.  Establishing and activating the National Commission for repairing Civil Service to achieve fairness in employment, appointment, and promotion, creating job opportunities for youth, especially women, and ensuring decent work opportunities for all.
  3. Create a healthy and competitive work environment based on efficiency, integrity, and professionalism in performance.
  4. Rehabilitation and training of professional cadres in various disciplines by raising institutional capacities and strengthening the partnership between state sectors, the private sector, regional and international bodies and institutions.
  5. Reviewing the laws and legislations which organize the levels of federal, state and local government and tightening coordination for mutual support and conflict prevention by defining tasks, powers, specialties and all responsibilities.
  6. Issuing and enforcing cabinet decisions regarding those dismissed arbitrarily from public service In order to cease injustice and achieve professionalism.
  7. Enabling The Auditor General’s Office to support its independent role by activating control and oversight systems and institutions in all state agencies.
  8. Restructuring and enabling regional and state authorities especially local governance in order to present necessary services for the masses and encouraging initiatives that establish participation and community control process, in particular, the neighborhood committee and youth and women.
  9. Create the necessary atmosphere and support required to activate the role of legislative bodies in the light of the constitutional document.
  10.  Commitment and work to include articles and transcripts for reviewing structures and systems and relationships of the security and military and police institutions and upgrade their capabilities as stipulated in the constitutional document in Transitional government programs and action plans and their implementation.

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