#7 Foreign Policy

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Setting a balanced foreign policy that serves the interests of Sudan.

Sudan has been and for a long time a center of conflict between the polarizations of regional and international axes, oscillating between different identity affiliations, and pursuing reckless internal and external policies that put it in a cruel confrontation with the international community. Which caused the suffering of the Sudanese people resulting from the economic boycott and cruel international sanctions.

In order to achieve the democratic transition process and promote Sudan’s common interests, the transitional government works on:

  1.  Restoring Sudan’s vanguard role regionally and internationally and to enhance its presence and acting in all forums, platforms, bodies, and institutions regionally and Internationally.
  2.  Adopt policies and stances that are considerate of the national interest and alignment with fair issues that are consistent with values of peace and international justice.
  3.  Strengthening strategic relations with neighboring countries in light of the principles of common interests.
  4.  Restoring the special relationship that the past regime had destroyed with the state and people of South Sudan and strengthening ties and historical links.
  5.  Appraising and encouraging international support and partnerships to serve the interests of Sudan.
  6. Rebuilding trust between the people of Sudan in the diaspora, Sudan’s foreign missions, and supporting diplomacy and benefit from the Sudanese cadres and abilities abroad to serve the national interest.

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