#9 Youth Employment

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Enhancing the role of young people of both sexes and expanding their opportunities in all fields.

Young men and women have actively led the glorious December revolution with valor, commitment and broad participation, where creative youth initiatives have been a key driver of a social and political force that leads the national movement. And on it, the government is committed to working to develop the capabilities of young people and develop their active participation in public life. and this requires work on:

  1.  Developing a general policy for youth with their participation and translating them into action programs and creating an enabling environment for youth to engage in social, economic and political work, and to confirm their participation in the formulation and implementation of plans and programs.
  2.  Developing leadership capabilities, cultivating talent, nurturing and directing the energies and skills of youth in the building.
  3.  The youth survey to build a database to know the organizational and economic need for the youth category.
  4.  Encouraging and nurturing the establishment of youth organizations with their different age, ethnicity, and educational economic and social differences.
  5.  Paying attention to youth as an active human resource in the development process.
  6.  Creating direct communication channels between the relevant ministries and youth in order to activate community work.
  7.  Paying attention to unisex sports and supporting its role in peace and diversity management.
  8.  Youth participation in establishing social peace bonds at the grassroots and local levels.
  9.  Take advantage of the skills of young people in social media as platforms for training and learning.
  10.  Combating terrorism, extremism, and violence among youth and supporting peaceful dialogue.
  11.  Paying attention and supporting youth initiatives in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.
  12.  Paying attention and supporting building the capabilities of youth to supply the labor market with qualified and trained youth capabilities and competencies.
  13.  Prepare a youth employment policy and encouraging entrepreneurship by ensuring decent work conditions for young people from both genders.

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