We’ll Build It With Love

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We’ll Build It With Love

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We’ll Build It With Love

We will build it with  love


▪All of you followed the first initiative started from the people of Dongola on Facebook and through your efforts and contributions we were able to support the Hospital and obstetrics with a number of medical equipment of great importance to save the lives of our people in the north ...


Currently, the Hospital for Obstetricians and Gynecologists is in dire need of CTG, an electronic device that works continuously, real-time recording and printed on paper for the rate of fetal heartbeat, uterine contractions and fetal movement of the fetus which checks:

* Fetal safety

* Placental functions

* Fetal feeding

* The movement of the fetus

* Having contraction births ...

The information above shows the importance of the device, the hospital had more than one device but due to the use of it and the reception of a large number of mothers and the lack of support hospital devices broke down since a year or more.

Required from the sons of Dongola in all parts of the country to contribute in order to provide this device to the hospital because of its importance and for the safety of mothers and tomorrow's children and help our people ,,,asking God Almighty to make it in the balance of your good deeds.


You can communicate with the names below via private, or through the phone numbers shown through direct contact or WhatsApp message to provide your contributions: -



The statement of contributions will be included in detail across the communes in conjunction with the daily donations until we reach the target


To help, please contact:

Yassir Babikir : 00249911814664

Elnazer Alomda : 00966573137279

Bakry Talol : 0097466672433

Amera Hijazi : 00249912572263

Nadra : 00249963738423

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    3- Good Health and Well-being

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    In Execution

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    00249911814664 / 0097466672433
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    Yassir Babikir

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