Sudanese Fashion Innovation Park

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Sudanese Fashion Innovation Park

Sudanese Fashion Innovation Park

The Sudanese Government's goals towards improving the lives of its citizens are unique. One way of making the lives of the citizens of Sudan better is by making them self employed by training them on modern and relevant skills. This can be achieved through fashion designing. It is a known fact that clothing is a basic necessity of people and an average person buy many clothes and other fashion-related goods each year. Countries that have understood the fashion market have invested hugely in it that clothes are currently being made in Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and are exported to Europe. At the same time, the Sudanese fashion market that has a size of over 20 million buyers doesn’t have enough fashion designers, rather some traditional fashion goods are sent to professional tailors in Dubai. As a result, there is a huge potential if the Sudanese government establishes a FASHION PARK where modern and quality traditional and western dresses are made. The park will attract customers from Sudan and other neighboring countries. On the other hand, the building can be powered by clean energy e.g. solar panels in order to raise awareness and in establishing and promoting an increase in the use of renewable energy.

Project Information

  • National Priorities

    6- Women Representation, 8- Youth Employment, 9- Social Development

  • SDG Goals

    8- Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9- Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, 10- Reducing Inequality, 17- Partnerships for the Goals

  • Project Type

    Development, Investment

  • Status


  • Entity Type

    Private, Cooperative

  • Stage


  • Timeline

    Long term

  • Measurable Outcomes (Goals)

    o Increase tax revenue
    o Reduction in unemployment
    o Reduction in Social problems and crimes

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