Sudan Plan of Action (2015-2019)

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Sudan Plan of Action (2015-2019)

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Sudan Plan of Action (2015-2019)

The population of Sudan: 36.2 million.
Two-thirds of the total population live in rural areas and 58 percent are “poor”*.
2 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition.
500 000 children are severely acutely malnourished.
3.1 million Internally Displaced People (IDPs), of which 2.5 million IDPs are in Darfur.
More than 250 000 refugees.
Widespread conflicts over ownership and use of natural resources among pastoralists, agropastoralists and crop farmers. Land tenure practices and conversion of range and forest land into large mechanized farming is also a source of conflict. Conflicts continue in border areas with South Sudan.

The Plan of Action (PoA) prioritizes and promotes interrelated and mutually supporting and sustainable short-, medium- and long-term interventions at all levels (i.e. household, community and institutional) in support of the relief, recovery and development of Sudan’s small-scale agriculture sector and to address and 5 overcome the underlying causes of vulnerability in Sudan. To learn more about the plan, please click the link below:

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    2- Stabilize the Economy

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    1- No Poverty, 2- Zero Hunger, 17- Partnerships for the Goals

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    Development, Humanitarian

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