Roof Top Vegetable Garden

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Roof Top Vegetable Garden

I have started this promising pilot at the rooftop of my house (approx. 200 m2), last January 2019; and I called it SRTVG (Sudan Rooftop vegetable garden), aiming to:
‏• maximize the use of my rooftop, by greening the empty and ideal space;
‏• eat healthy bio-vegetables (only natural fertilizers & pesticides used);
‏• reduce living-costs of ever-increasing vegetable prices;
‏• reduce house heating by planting a green-layer on rooftop to absorb the huge amount of direct sun-rays;
‏• use my SRTVG as a demonstration site to: a) widely speared the concept of "do-what-you-see", b) stimulate others to follow and expand the project idea among Khartoum and urban citizens at large, c) collaborate with concerned national authorities and CBOs mandated with environment conservation and agricultural-extension to adopt the project and help expanding it to benefit other communities (i.e. AgriculturalExtension Dept.)
‏• extend a hand to needy people around the community, by donating extra-production of vegetables free of charge;
‏• spend pleasant and meaningful time with myself n family (entertainment);

‏As a result, within less than 6 month since the start of our SRTVG project, while still at its experimental stage, we have hugebenefit ed from this undertaking.
‏A: To-date, we have the following vegetables planted, harvested and regularly producing:
‏- Paprika;
‏- Chilly paprika;
‏- Dill;
‏- Ginger;
‏- Rucola;
‏- Purslane;
‏- Khodrah (خُضرة)؛
‏- Mint (Sudani, Saudi & Moroccan);
‏- Rosemary;
‏- White and red Radish;
‏- Zucchini;
‏- Lemon-grass;

‏B: Growing well but not producing yet:
‏- Grapes (Sudanese & South-African);
‏- Guava;
‏- Palm-trees (Saudi Barhy);

‏C: Planned to grow (largely medicinal):
‏- Green Onions;
‏- Garlic;
‏- Parsley;
‏- Argel (Del الحرجل)
‏- Halfa (المحريب أو الأذخر)

‏D: Lessons learned:
‏- Planted different types of Tomatoes, all failed due to whitefly. Preparing to grow tomatoes next in greenhouses.

E: I have designed nice (200 x 100cm) basins for cultivation using:
• aluminium mesh panels;
• marble;
• insulation sheets;
• wood-shaving;
• sand soil from the Nile bank;

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    2- Zero Hunger, 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12- Responsible Consumption and Production

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    Vetted, Immediate Impact

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