The Children’s Hospital Initiative

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The Children’s Hospital Initiative

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The Children’s Hospital Initiative

# Resistance Committees of the Revolutionary Fettehab

# Children's Hospital Initiative - Abdul Rahman Al Mahdi

Under the slogan -For our well for our wishes so the eyes of our children do not taste defeat

After the victory of our mighty will and our glorious revolution harvested the fruits of its harvest, which was irrigated by the blood of our honorable martyrs who sacrificed what they have to give us a free nation. To build a new Sudan where the rich and the poor are equal, The strong and the weak join hands with our martyrs, so we had to renew our determination to work on building our beloved homeland. Therefore, we continued the initiative that was put forward towards the sons of the future . The operations of an inspection visit to the conditions of the region and we had a great professor Fadl Abu Asim participating with the representatives of the committees he is a man preceded by his virtues on the region, the spiritual father of the region and has been convinced of what took place in the meeting and we were devoted to the face of the administration that even ended up becoming their offices under the trees making space in their offices for expanding the wards to receive more patients, and despite the decline in all of the hospital, but it remains the only one in the regions and Alfatteehab

The southern countryside and many of the suffering are unable to describe, believing the meaning of some of the images may reflect part of the meaning, therefore, Look well at them.

We renew the call
To all the revolutionary resistance committees, we must stand as we began our journey together, we must complete it together.



For donations 0913830097  Whatsapp Tariq Mohammed Abdul Rahim Coco
For inquiries: -
You must call the same number


Environmental problems:

1- The problem of sanitation

2- Waste drums

3- Full Paint

4- Electrical reviews

5- dictate for windows

6- address the roof of the mosque

7- address the floor of the mosque

8- Treatment of bathrooms

9- Planting trees

10 - kitchen treatment

The problem of the hospital: -

1- No blood bank

2- lack of cadres

3- lack of beds

4- Lack of administrative offices

5- processing of laboratories

6- General electric treatments

7- Ramping the wall of the hospital

8- Providing pharmacy deficiencies

9- Providing lighting

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    3- Good Health and Well-being

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    Vetted, Immediate Impact

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