Arabic Gum Artery

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Arabic Gum Artery

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Arabic Gum Artery

Arabic Gum Artery

Project Place:

On both sides of the export road of Omdurman - Bara - Al-Obayid


To plant 2.4 million Arabic gum trees at both ends of the Omdurman - Bara - Al-Obayid road.

Project slogan:

Countries are built with the arms of it's youth (We will build it).

Implementers of the project:

two hundred secondary schools students, Each school represents 50 students

The project period is 10 days to be repeated for three periods totaling one month in which students are replaced by others.


Short Description:
Each school along the way is given a land for the purpose of benefit, School plots of land with a width of 1,000 meters along the road over a length of 3 thousand increasable, students in the first stage start planting 4 thousand trees away from each other at a distance of 5 meters, and the second phase they are replaced by fifty students for ten days as well as for the third period so that Planting 12 thousand trees by the end of the period. The program will be repeated for five years, in which more trees will be planted and care will be taken to the trees planted in the past years. After the fifth year, the first batch of trees has reached the stage of production and then the program is divided into two periods, one of the pronunciation of gum and the second to collect it. The proceeds of the crop go to the school budget, where it is spent for the benefit of the educational process and the purchase of equipment, foundation, books and everything the school needs. The country benefits from the export of gum and foreign currency injections into the state treasury.


Selection of the farm's location:
1. Farms should be selected near the valleys and creeks so as to facilitate the irrigation of trees, especially in the first period of growth.

2. It is preferable to assemble every twenty schools as following so that five schools before the creek and five after the creek from the right side of the road, to be matched by ten schools from the left side of the road.
3. The farm is 200 meters away from the road.
Each farm unit consists of 20 farms owned by 20 schools.


Agricultural units:
1. The program consists of ten agricultural units each unit consists of 20 farms
2. Each unit includes an agricultural engineer, a doctor and a local expert from the area
3. A tanker to supply the camps with water for drinking and other purposes


Student Camps:

1. Each school maintains a sufficient distance from the road and near its farm
2. The camp consists of 5 tents for students, one for supervisors and another for dining
3. Each camp includes a supervisor (teacher) from the school
4. Each camp shall be provided with drinking water tank and another for other purposes
5. Equipping place for bathrooms and Wudu.


Eating in the camps:

1. Since the camp is primarily a national target, food must not be imported and must be from local ingredients.
2. It is preferable for the national factories to provide food ingredients such as sugar, oil, and tea.
3. Each school must raise funds and donations for the food budget.


Work in the camp:
1. Work starts from 7 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 5 pm.
2. All agricultural tools shall be equipped with agricultural machinery and irrigation means.

Production Input:
1. Each school is provided with Arabic gum tree seeds, preferably beforehand so they are planted in the school or at home and planted as seedlings on the farm.

Entertainment in the camp:
1. Organizing sports matches between schools
2. Evening parties and cultural activities and chanting national songs

Regulations within the camp:
1. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and whatever that makes the mind unaware.
2. Use foul words or racist phrases

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    8- Decent Work and Economic Growth, 15- Life On Land

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