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Journal of Health Management & Informatics. (2016).
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Key Result Progress


Healthcare Vision & Roadmap

Healthcare Vision

Building a health system that is equitable, accessible, affordable, efficient, technologically appropriate, environmentally appropriate and consumer friendly, with emphasis on quality, innovation, health promotion and in which the society participates actively.

Healthcare Mission

The mission is to provide health care that will enhance the quality of life of all citizens, permit them to lead socially and economically productive life, provide them with health basic needs and reduce their suffering.

Top Priorities

Health Service Coverage & Accessibility

Improving health service coverage and accessibility, and eliminating geographical and financial barriers

Capacity Building

Capacity building and health system management

Human Resource Development

Human resource development in policies, planning, production, and management to ensure balanced and equitable distribution

Financing of Health Services

Improving financing of health services and reducing the burden of out-of-pocket payment for health services

Improving Service Delivery

Improve service delivery and reduce medical errors

Improving Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and in the long term improve equity

Avoiding Duplicating Efforts

Avoid duplicating efforts

Document & Measure Performance

Document and measure performance, provide better task allocation and improve working conditions

Promote Defragmentation

Promote defragmentation and decentralization

Provide Computerized Decision Support

Provide computerized decision support clinically and operationally

Restriction of Inappropriate Choices

Restriction and hence prevention of inappropriate choices (e.g. the wrong dose)

Provides Alerts in Case of Risk

Alerts regarding situations of heightened risk, facilitate surveillance

Provision of Data for Secondary Use

Provide accurate, verifiable, quantifiable data for secondary use and ownership of health research

Contain Costs

Synergistically contain costs

Facilitation of Processes

Facilitate tracking, monitoring, transparency, and accountability

Encourages Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Encourage investment/business environment in the health sector by domestic and international entrepreneurs

Healthcare Projects

Expert and citizen teams advising the government

Healthcare Reports

Strengthening Healthcare in Sudan

Dr. Mazin Fageir
A Senior Fellow of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Sudan Health Information Exchange – SHIE

Mr. Mohamed Hamdan

Senior Clinical Analyst in SEHA since 2008

Patient Portal

Dr. Shaima Abdelmageed

Dr. Shaima is currently working at a technology company in Finland as a Business Solutions Manager in addition to lecturing at the University of Vasa, Finland

Sudan E-Health EHR
Dr. Huda Eldosougi
Research Fellow At Health Service Consultants

My interest is in Health Equity, Health Systems Assessments, Health Information Management, Integration of Healthcare Servies, Digital Healthcare, Integration & Interoperability.

Wadah is a highly qualified Senior Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Scientist, have BSc. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Sciences, MSc. Nuclear Medicine, Ph.D. Nuclear Medicine, and MSc. Radiation and Environmental Protection. He had extensive experience in the field of Clinical and Teaching in Universities (local and international) for graduate and postgraduates’ students.

The Impact of Media on
Human and Healthcare Transformation

Dr. Huda Eldosougi

Research Fellow – Health Service Consultants

Sudan Learning Management System Initiative

Dr. Abobakr Shadad

Consultant Gastroenterologist, United Kingdom;
Former lecturer in Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway 2008-2012

Food Systems for Improved Diets and Nutrition

Dr. Izzeldin Sharief Hussein, PhD. MBA. MSc. MD.WPHN

Community development and Global Health expert

Dr. Mazin Gadir is a Principal at IQVIA Payer-Provider Government Management Consultancy. He is also an external Advisor at The Executive Office for Organizational Transformation, Dubai Health Authority with responsibility for Health strategy development, implementation, execution and Transformation.

Health & Environment Manager, 1998-2010; Health Director, 2010-2016; VLCC International-Bahrain CEO & Owner, 2016 to date.

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