Sudanese Transportation Company

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Sudanese Transportation Company

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Sudanese Transportation Company

The establishment of a public transportation company in which transportation vehicles are registered and the vehicle owner is a partner with a share, a certain value is paid by the partner monthly or annually, a specific line for the partner and a specific work time is determined based on his desire and the value of the passenger in accordance with the conditions in the state This subscription has the following advantages: 1- Health and social insurance for him and his family members 2- Availability of fuel at any time 3- Periodic maintenance of the vehicle 4- Assistance in licensing and paying the value of traffic violations 5- Providing the legal basis for the Iike in case of disputes 6. Stability and continuity in the work 7. Insurance in the Cooperative Insurance

Project Information

  • National Priorities

    8- Youth Employment

  • SDG Goals

    8- Decent Work and Economic Growth

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  • Status

    Vetted, Microlending

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  • Timeline

    Long term

  • Measurable Outcomes (Goals)

    1- Providing job opportunities for young people 2- Solving transportation problems 3- Stabilizing the price of transportation tickets as much as possible 4- Periodic maintenance of vehicles 4- Saving time spent on reaching workplaces 5- Increasing productivity in the country 6- Fair access to all city districts 7- Reducing Citizens' suffering 8- Making use of income to improve roads

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