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Street Library

Project Introduction:
Establishing central libraries in all of Sudan to consolidate a knowledge base that helps in converting Sudanese society from the field of knowledge consumption to the field of active participation in formulating human knowledge.


Higher strategic goals:
1. Create a new environment for the broad sectors of the Sudanese people to access knowledge without a clear affiliation with a scientific institution.
2. Establishing new concepts and attracting national capital to investment fields in knowledge.
3. Participate in building the peace that the Sudanese people called for in the glorious December revolution.
4. Spreading true awareness among members of society.
5. Achieving the principle of knowledge democracy.


The strategic plan and the timeframe for its activation:

From the beginning of September 2020 to the end of the year.

Designing 25 libraries in several states.

The second stage: 2021-2022
The design of 200 libraries across Sudan, which was divided into the regions, from which a responsible official is a coordinator in the initiative to provide the necessary support to officials in the different states. During this stage, the focus is on developing performance and commitment to specialization in the sense that there are libraries specialized in specific science, for example, the Central Library of Economics based in In the neighborhood of Jabarab in Gedaref State or the Central Library of Public Health Sciences in Marangan / Madani neighborhood in Gezira State.

The third stage 2021-2025
Making real partnerships with presses and publishing houses to provide any book in any of the various fields, networking with departments, and facilitating procedures to access library services with ease.

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    9- Social Development

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    4- Quality Education

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