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Solar PV Proposal

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Solar PV Proposal

1- Problem / Need / Situation importance of the project

Project is to feed the National grid with 50MG of Electricity per Hr /325MG per day Sudan have short in producing Electricity this will cover the most important part of the day Morning to midday

2- Data about issues in the area

types of generating on which the National Grid depends are Dam generation and thermal generation, which are not sufficient for Sudan’s consumption, so if the renewable  energy is consider ,  will not have shortage. For example, Egypt has a project BEBAN  1.8 gw  with assistance  of  UNDP

3- Team and each member's responsibilities

State of Khartoum to provide the location ground Sudanese Electricity Company to provide grid line The contractor for technical support installation commissioning UNDP for supervision and funding

4-  Long-term vision & future plans

life  span of the project is 30 years of productivity. The project is also considered as starting  for renewable energy projects in Sudan

5- Area targeted/number of people/involvement plan

targeted state of Khartoum, the target of which will be served, is the population of the state and the state has 12 million people

6- Other fund sources & government inputs

One of the sources of financing is the Sudanese government, represented by the Sudanese Electricity Company, and the government's contribution came to provide the site on which the project will be built

7- Project output

feed the National grid with 50MG of Electricity offering Jobs ( engineer -  technicians – Labors ) saving & Reducing environmental pollution As pilot project of renewable energy in Sudan Saving large amount  of money for the government yearly

8- Major risks, opportunities, and mitigation plans

All the risks that the project can face are technical , the opportunities - faced with solutions before the start of the project

9- Feedback mechanism & evaluation plan post completion

All the information related to the project are follow-up by modern technologies that it will achieve, like all similar projects in the world, are followed via the Internet where any party of the project can follow the daily reports – evaluation will be don according to Delay feedback


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