Expatriate Affairs Authority Initiative

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Expatriate Affairs Authority Initiative

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Expatriate Affairs Authority Initiative

A proposal to dissolve the expatriate staff working abroad and turn it into a group of joint-stock companies:

-A Public one with a capital partnership between the government, expatriates and national shareholders.
-The stock value is $ 2000.
-When the expatriate buys the company's shares, he becomes exempt from taxes, contribution, and zakat.
-He may also enter a duty-free vehicle.

The investment field focuses on:

1) A vast agricultural project.
2) Rehabilitation of Sudanese Airlines and transfer of ownership to the new company.
3) The establishment of a mining company in the field of gold and copper.
4) Other projects as proposed.

The company's capital :
The company's target capital is $ 20 billion.
$ 20,000,000,000


1) Government
2) Sudanese working abroad.
3) Sudanese citizens residing inside the State.

Company Management : -
Appointment of the Board of Directors by consensus based on curriculum vitae and integrity.

Executive Director and Managers:-
The executive director and managers of the departments are selected on the basis of scientific qualifications, specialization, experience, and achievements in the same fields.
The selection is based on the preparation and submission of a complete integrated study of the project from the applicant. A detailed action plan is presented to the General Assembly for approval.

Profits: -
Allocating 20% of the profits to support health, education and other service projects throughout Sudan.
Add a percentage of profits to increase the company's capital.
Allocating a certain percentage of the profits and depositing them in the accounts of the shareholders on an annual basis.

Advantages and Benefits: -
1) Providing hard currency.
2) Return on profits
3) Provide services to the Sudanese citizen.
4) Cancellation of taxes imposed on expatriates.
5) Customs exemption on the vehicle.
6) Support the national economy.

Details of the proposal and the idea can be discussed further to reach the final picture.

Best Regards
Yasser Hussein Al - Bathani

Project Information

  • National Priorities

    2- Stabilize the Economy

  • SDG Goals

    8- Decent Work and Economic Growth, 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12- Responsible Consumption and Production, 16- Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

  • Project Type

    Development, Investment

  • Status

    High Impact

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    Long term

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