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Save The Earth

Save The Earth is an environmental voluntary awareness initiative that aims primarily to educate society about environmental risks and spread environmental awareness among people. The initiative is concerned with explaining climate change, global warming, pollution and it's dependencies and to identify the causes and risks, and presenting the required solutions to reduce it to protect the planet.

Save The Earth initiative focuses on sensitizing children in school age and encourage them to keep their environment and acquaint them with their responsibility towards the environment and Earth.

Project Information

  • National Priorities

    9- Social Development

  • SDG Goals

    11- Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12- Responsible Consumption and Production, 13- Climate Action

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  • Timeline

    Long term

  • Measurable Outcomes (Goals)

    1. Educating society about the dangers of climate change and pollution on the future of the planet.
    2. Spreading environmental awareness.
    3. Urging investment in renewable energy.

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