A Single Platform for the Development of the Agriculture & Livestock Sector


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A Single Platform for the Development of the Agriculture & Livestock Sector

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A Single Platform for the Development of the Agriculture & Livestock Sector

Electronic Website for the Development of the Agriculture & Livestock Sector

It is all about:

1/ sharing knowledge from an authentic source that can make a significant change in quality & productivity in the two sectors.

2/ Tractability the performance for all producers and farmers is being monitored.

"If you Can't Measure it you can't manage it & improve it"

3/ Transparency   everything is clear

4/ Continual improvement getting feedback from experts through the blog & forum.

The site is divided into three sections:

The first section is the guidance section:

In this section, there are guidance Informative brochures, purpose is to own the producers, investors and all those interested in the agriculture and livestock sectors, the correct and easy information easily, as the brochures are classified and stored on the site in a way that facilitates access to them and the user can click on the mouse to download and get all the information he needs to grow this product from soil preparation to final production, the best ways to store the product, and pamphlets in animal production also help every person who has the desire to invest in this field to obtain the correct information that guarantees him profitability and the highest productivity, We have a distinguished elite of my country's scholars in this field to review the scientific content and certify its authenticity. Three bulletins have been completed to date (wheat, potatoes, and onions), and there has been interaction and acceptance from the producers, and work is underway to implement the remaining bulletins for plant and animal production.

Within the guidance section, there is a section for the media and it contains guiding pictures and videos for example pictures of symptoms of plant deficiency elements and guiding videos for different operations in agriculture, how to prepare the land properly, the correct way to prune plants ... etc.

- The library section contains a different collection of research, scientific papers, and books in the field of agriculture and animal production

- Department of Organic Agriculture

- A number can be customized for guidance and technical support

The second section (the forum) is an interactive section for users of the site

There is no doubt that investment in animal and agricultural production is related to many areas, and sections within the forum will be allocated to these areas, and they will be as follows:

Technology and irrigation department

In this section, the topics and discussion will be on modern technologies, devices, and machines in the fields of agriculture and animal products that increase productivity and product quality.

Department of geology and well drilling

In this section, the important information needed by the producers will be installed, and members can cooperate in sharing numbers to communicate with. Credible companies

Department of pumps, water pumps, generators, and solar energy systems

In this section, there is sufficient information and topics on how to choose pumps, pumps, and generators according to the need of the product and topics also specializing in the design of solar energy systems and producers can also share numbers to communicate with distinguished companies in these areas

Department of Projects and Feasibility Studies

In this section, feasibility studies can be presented in the field of agriculture and animal production specifically, and investors can view them and adopt them. This section will facilitate the connection between project owners and feasibility studies, and between the various agencies that can adopt these studies.

Suggestions and Complaints Department

Because we believe that perfection is for God alone and, above all, well-informed, this section is dedicated to receiving suggestions and complaints that include sustainability in success.

The third section on the site collects and analyzes data for producers

In this section, centers should be established in all states of Sudan to collect and update data for all producers by giving each product a portfolio in which there is initial information (name, address, area, activity, type of irrigation used, energy source) and there is information that occurs with each agricultural and production cycle in production Livestock, (the type of cultivated product, the cultivated area, the date of cultivation, the type of fertilizers and pesticides used, the date of their addition, other agricultural transactions that carried out the production amount per acre) for the purpose of statistics and data analysis. The Ministry of Agriculture can issue laws and legislation that oblige producers to update their data.

This section will assist researchers and users, The site can easily obtain information, so you can search by product, for example, writing wheat, and all information about it is shown as the total cultivated area and its distribution in the states.

I will offer a number of benefits, including but not limited to this site:

- Ease of access to the correct information from the site by entering the specified section and what distinguishes the website from other means of communication. Ease of access to the information for all users, because the information is classified and preserved in a specific location on the site, easy to access at any time. But the problem with other means of communication, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, is that the valuable information is shared In which participates, and is lost with frequent messages and punctuated by topics that make the difficult task of collecting information and referring to it.

- Provide guidance to all producers in the agricultural and animal sector with ease. Also, the producers can communicate easily with the guides in the event of any problem during the production cycle. A number can be allocated for technical support, and this ensures intervention at the appropriate time and the problem can be classified according to its size and spread, whether it is in a narrow space or Reached epidemic level

Use of the database by researchers and specialists for comparison and research purposes and knowledge of the defect

Resource optimization & Management.

Optimal use of resources and good management

Through the information in the bulletins, inputs such as seeds and fertilizers will be handled Without overeating and not just wasting the amount that gets the job done

Combating corruption and smuggling of petroleum products, as it is easy to know the source of energy through the site of each product

Providing a significant amount of the petroleum materials used in transportation, for example, we find some farmers obtain organic fertilizers and animal waste from remote areas. The farmer can, through the site, know the nearest farms for animal production. In the same way, the breeders of cows, goats, and sheep can know the nearest feed farm

Make strategic decisions based on knowledge and facts

Knowledge & fact-based decision making

And when a certain budget is available, if we impose 3 billion dollars, I will know how to direct it (what to plant, where to plant, how much to plant and how to grow) based on many factors, for example, and not limited to, the local need, the population distribution, the nature of the region, the need for the export, the nature of each region

Selling products to consumers with a simple profit margin as the information in this program will open opportunities for marketers and marketing program designers to link directly between the product and the consumer

A group has been created on Facebook from the producer to the Sudanese consumer in order to facilitate the task for producers to market their products without intermediaries.


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    2- Stabilize the Economy, 5- Fight Corruption, 8- Youth Employment

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    1- No Poverty, 2- Zero Hunger, 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth, 10- Reducing Inequality, 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

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