Maintenance of Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq School

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Maintenance of Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq School

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Maintenance of Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq School

Engineering report for the maintenance works of Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq modern School in Umbada Al-Jemaab neighborhood in Omdurman

(Revised Report)


Document number: NS-SV-OMD-19-01


Date: 21 October 2019


Revision 02


1 Introduction

The Sudan Renaissance Initiative aims to support and develop voluntary work in the rehabilitation of schools and public utilities.


Pilot Studies is conducted to organize the maintenance of schools. These studies provide a practical model for the various maintenance works in different areas. Three schools were selected to represent the three main areas of Khartoum State which include Omdurman, Khartoum and Khartoum Bahry.

A number of different neighborhood committees were contacted to nominate schools. The following schools were selected:

  • Abu Bakr Al - Siddiq School in Umbada district, in Omdurman.
  • Sayed El Tayeb El Araby School.
  • Al-Zakhira Model School in Al-Shajara neighborhood south of Khartoum.


This engineering report presents the work of the field visit, the data collected and analyzed. The report also presents the technical recommendations that will be implemented by the Sudan Renaissance Initiative for Abu Bakr Al - Siddiq School in Umbada district, in Omdurman


2 Field visit

2-1 Date of visit

The main field visit was made to Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq Model School on Saturday 12 October 2019.

The location of the school


The Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Model School is located in the district of Umbada Al-Jumaab (according to the following coordinates: 32 ° 26'46.42 "E - 15 ° 39'42.61" N), serving a densely populated area, as shown in Figure 1.



3- The required maintenance works


Results of the field survey

  • The current problems were limited to the theoretical examination of the school buildings, as well as in consultation with the district committee and the school administration.
  • It was found that there are many problems related to the collapse of the outer walls and fence, the condition of the classes and ceilings, as well as the existence of problems with the walls of the latrines.
  • Side of the classroom case from the inside:
  • The problem of high-temperature classes due to zinc roofs
  • Problems with electrical connections
  • Current school latrines problems and the risk of wall collapse
  • The source of drinking water made by a previous initiative
  • The general shape of the school buildings


3-1- Summary of the work currently required


The required maintenance work can be summarized urgently in:

  • Urgent maintenance of external walls and toilets.
  • Work repairs, and the whiteness of the walls.
  • Making false ceilings for the classes to reduce the high temperature (6 classes).
  • Siphon latrines were made with 10 toilets instead of existing pit latrines.
  • Paint for classes (internal and external).
  • The need to maintain a number of broken unusable desks.
  • Maintenance of electrical connections, fans and bulbs.


3-2- Determining the priorities of maintenance works

Three key criteria were adopted when setting maintenance priorities:


  • First, problems that pose a threat to the safety of students and teachers.
  • Second, problems that directly affect the educational process.
  • Finally, problems that negatively affect student comfort but do not affect the safety of students or the progress of the educational process.

Prioritization is also based on the ease with which the task can be completed, both physically and practically, where lower-cost work is prioritized to be more easily and fully accomplished.


Accordingly, the five problems identified were arranged in the following order:

  • Maintenance of electrical connections, fans and bulbs.
  • Maintenance of desks and chairs.
  • Urgent maintenance of external walls and toilets
  • Work for whites (scattered areas).
  • Paints work.
  • Maintenance of false ceilings for classes (with 6 classes).
  • Siphon latrines were made with 10 toilets instead of existing pit latrines.


Accordingly, it was recommended to start the work of maintenance of walls and the work of repainting and painting and installation of false ceilings and review the electrical recommendations and welding of broken desks, where item No. 7 will need a large budget difficult to provide at the moment, with the possibility of urgent maintenance of the walls of the toilets


3-3- The estimated cost of maintenance works

Initial estimates of the financial cost of the required business can be made as follows:

number Item Unit Unit cost (pound) Total cost (pound)
1 Maintenance of electrical connections, fans and bulbs Provide technician for two days

(Possibility to maintain the desks by welding in the same item)

8000 8000
2 Maintenance of external walls and toilets Square meters undefined -
3 Creams for whites (different areas). Square meters undefined -
4 Paints Square meters undefined -
5 Making false ceilings for classes.  (4X 6 meters) 6 classes 8,400 50,400

The prices of the remaining items will be estimated later.


3-4- Action Plan


The first mission started on Monday 21 October 2019.


This task is expected to be completed within four days, with tasks 2, 3, 4 and 5 starting from Saturday 26 October 2019.  take advantage of evening, weekend or school holidays.


4- General recommendations for the development of educational performance in the school


4-1- Cooperation with Parents Council


The Fathers' Council is the primary and continuous source of material and moral support to improve educational performance and continuity.


  • Cover the basic costs of school expenses.
  • Supporting the school meal initiative for needy students (from parentless kids or from the poorest families).
  • Support the possibility of providing free or subsidized deportation to needy students (those who have lost their bonds or from the poorest families).
  • Improving classroom teaching aids.


4-2- Implementing the school health and safety system

The Sudan Renaissance Initiative will provide a basic first aid fund for the school, where a teacher is assigned to oversee the school's public health and safety.

A teacher will be trained in the concepts of Health & Safety for a comprehensive school application, reducing injuries and avoiding pupils from exposure to risk.


4-3- Activities during the summer vacation periods


The program will be used to utilize the capacity of students and teachers in maintaining and planting the school during school holidays.


The initiative will provide an integrated program of activities during the school holiday in cooperation with the school administration

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