Prof. Mohammad Yousif Sukkar

Member Title: President, Nile University, Sudan
Organization: Nile University

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  • Graduate, faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum

  • Professor of Physiology Univ. of Khartoum, & King  Abdelaziz University. KSA.

  • Dean Graduate College, University of Khartoum.

  • Research & medical education Consultant W.H.O.

  • Visiting research officer, MRC, UK.

  • Editor and Co. Author, Concise Human Physiology, Blackwell, UK.

  • Member of Sudan Medical Council, and Medical School Accreditation  

  • Research on Endocrinology 1967 -2019 – with published research in international Journals.

  • Recent work on Hormonal imbalance in Obesity and hypertension 

  • Recent Publication (2019): فى بناء الوطن – وقفات فى التربيه الوطنية

I do not shy away from interaction with all stages of human life. Age in nothing but a time-line what matters in what has happened & is happening in this time-line. My concern is more with the big picture before going into the detail.

I will value interaction and sharing experiences in this forum.

Food for thought:

What really amazes me is the lack of serious critical thinking about our sociopolitical dilemmas at the root of the stops & starts in governance & therefore development.

It seems we are always singing our own praises and doing nothing about the real impediments towards a modern and prosperous Sudan

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