Youth For Sudan

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Youth For Sudan

Youth for Sudan is a student initiative released in the past October under the slogan (we will build it). Driven by the school environment that has been neglected in the city of Al-Ubayid where the initiative has started since last October for organizing activities and programs at the school, environmental conservation campaigns, charitable work, and unrestricted assistance to our colleagues as well as emphasizing the role of women in developing their community and reassuring the goals of the revolution to develop education in Sudan in the future. Excellent and comprehensive education inevitably will leapfrog our dear country, Sudan.

Project Information

  • National Priorities

    6- Women Representation, 9- Social Development

  • SDG Goals

    4- Quality Education

  • Project Type

    Development, Humanitarian

  • Status

    Vetted, Immediate Impact

  • Entity Type

    NGO, Cooperative

  • Stage

    In Execution

  • Timeline


  • Measurable Outcomes (Goals)

    1. Contribute to the development of education.
    2. Re-creating and rehabilitating school environments.
    3. Spreading the required awareness among students.
    4. Holding academic and cultural activities and activities in the school.
    5. Helping students who are not able, mentally and morally.
    6. Charity

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