Commodities Stock Exchange

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Commodities Stock Exchange

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Commodities Stock Exchange

Current Export situation:

  • Uncompetitive positioning
  • Accumulative of brokers – Local and international
  • Low return and profits to end producers
  • Disconnecting with international customers & unstable supply

Measuring impact of trading:

  • Contribution in GDP
  • Contribution in Forex and Exchange rate – TB
  • Contribution in Per capita income
  • Country branding and image

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Project Information

  • National Priorities

    2- Stabilize the Economy

  • SDG Goals

    9- Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Project Type

    Development, Investment

  • Status


  • Entity Type


  • Stage


  • Timeline

    Long term

  • Measurable Outcomes (Goals)

    Increase the competitiveness of Sudanese export
    Value-added processing export
    Tapping in Global space and increase profitability, the volume of export – through one channel
    Added value to Producers and increase the contribution of Export in GDP and Forex

Project Manager Contact

  • Phone
    +249 99 923 8881
  • Email
  • Project Manager
    Nebras Hussein Mohammed

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