Mohammed Abdualshakoor

Member Title: Youth Empowerment Expert/ English Language Trainer
Organization: Individual Expert

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    • I am an interactive English teacher / trainer ten years experience in teaching and training  ,I have conducted a research in about 16 sudanese states on the most complex teaching  issues and figured out some significant problems on curriculum then i have suggested some innovative ways of teaching but i was rejected by the X regeme , one of those innovations is to make student speak fluent english withn four month only ,  and another important create hard physical and human interaction bassed teaching aids to teach language letters and and sounds and not to be forgoten , consideriing students with special needs the innovation give them chance to understand .

Youth Empowerment 

    • Youth advocacy has been my major concern since i have started my career as educatot , i have mentored about a tousand plus young people weather in language or youth evective projects advices and consultency ,this achivement given me an apportunity to be part of the King Of Bahrain award for success before thirty , then i become youth empowerment expert in East Africa region , i worked closely with youth in some african countries , Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia , Eygpt and others , to have a vivid youth presence being part of national development procces and particiate in governence , i have suggested Sudan National Youth Integration Initiative , to create national youth policy nad strategic document on how youth to lead and be the driving forces to recognize true human progression , taking my experience to a continental level i have initiated Youth for African Union Agenda 2063 be adpted by the Au commissioner ofice in order to educate all youth people of Africa on agenda 2063 the Africa we want .

Peace Building 

    • Coming from an IDP family in Darfur intrigued  me to the importance of peace and security , i started to learn about peace building and confilict resolution and from there i become the first Commissioner for Peace and Security to African Youth Commission  2017-2019 to all African countries where i have been part of so many peace building practice in different African countries , this regional experience privileged me to be African Youth Peace Ambassador 2016 – 2019 to siveral east african countries that why i have initiated Youth4darfurpeace , I have given my first TED Talk on peace building