Salamat Charity Organization

Member Title: Medical Charity Organization
Organization: Salamat Charity Organization




Sudanese And London Association Medical Aids Trust (SALAMAT) is a registered charity in The UK “No 1135747”. SALAMAT Provides medical, training and educational aid to all parts of Sudan.


SALAMAT charity work in Sudan involves many aspects, including:

  • Hands-on training of medical doctors.
  • Teaching medical students, midwives, nurses & medical assistants.
  • Work in the prevention of avoidable blindness in Sudan: by organizing medical convoys.
  • To treat congenital cataracts in children, senile cataracts in poor, deprived communities.
  • Salamat work in reducing childbirth mortality.


• SALAMAT has obtained consent from adult patients and the parents of children before taking photos or films
• SALAMAT is Taking Heath and safety measures, Rusk Assessment and safeguarding for volunteers very seriously and during this mission the Health & Safety lead and SALAMAT chairman and Tustees were conducting daily risks assessment and advise participants at the evening meetings were the work of the day was assessed and following day plans laid out
– SALAMAT Charity organised a successful charity mission to Marawi, Northern State, Sudan, 16-23 February 2020. This is in collaboration with Secretarial of Sudanese Working abroad (SSWA), the Northern Sate government, Alhamad University, Marawi medical city, and Marawi civil citizens, and Marawi area sons Union
– The convoy to Marawi was the largest in number of participants and the number of different specialties
• 5 eminent consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists
• 2 Senior and well experienced vascular surgeons
• 2 Senior opthalmologist
. + 5 ophthalmic trainees Registrars
• 3 experienced general consultant surgeons with interest in breast surgery and laparoscopic surgery
• 2 Senior consultant urologists
• 1 highly qualified orthopaedics surgeon
. 1 Senior registrar
• 1 Senior consultant oncologist
• 3 Top quality consultant Paeditricians
• 1 Senior Consultant Anaethtist, with high experience in intensive care
. + 1 Senior registrar Anaethtist
• 1 Senior consultant
• 5 dedicated Vaccination team
• 1 Consultult in diabetes and endocrine, eminent in the field
• 3 Senior consultants in children with special needs
• 1 Clinical pharmacist
• 4 Senior auditory consultants, very dedicated hearing aid team, blended very well with group. Worked free of changes
• 1 Nephrologist
• 1 General practitioner
• SSWA team of 7
. Admin and organisation
. Journalists
. Photographer
. Statisticians
• 2 SALAMAT Admin and mangement, organisation of social programs, entertainment, tourism sightseeing and visit to historic places, 2000-4000 yrs BC
• 1 SUNA Journalist
• trainees


Press conference aims
• Launching the start of the mission
• To inform the public
• To encourage doctors join SALAMAT future Missions
• To help to raise charity funds

Link of press conference: