Mohamed Salih Khabir

Dr. Mohammed Salih A. Abdalla

Member Title: Doctor
Organization: King Faisal University

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 Academic qualifications
Institution University of Khartoum, Graduate College/ Sudan Date 2010
Degree PhD. in Plant Taxonomy & Ecology, Eco-taxonomical study of trees and shrubs at Lower Atbara River Basin and their uses, Sudan

Institution University of Khartoum, Graduate College/ Sudan Date 2004
Degree M.Sc. in Natural Resources, Company-community Forestry Partnership:
Case Study: Kenana Sugar Company, Sudan

Institution University of Khartoum, Faculty of Forest Sciences/ Sudan Date 1997
Degree B.Sc. “Honours” in Agriculture and Forest Sciences

Institution University of Khartoum, Faculty of Sciences/ Sudan Date 1992
Degree Preliminary Year Certificate, Biological Section

 Professional experiences
2019: Assistant Professor, Institute of Research and Consultancy – King Faisal University, AlAhsa, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
2019: Advisor, Agricultural Extension Platform, Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
2015-2018: Technical Advisor of the Organic Farming Project, German International Cooperation (GIZ)-Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
2010-2015: Technical Coordinator of the Organic Farming Project, German International Cooperation (GIZ)-Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture, Riyadh, (KSA)
2005-2006: Cooperate with Riyadh Development Authority “Thumama Vegetation Cover & Environmental Project” (KSA)
2004-2005: Agronomist, at Horticulture and Crops Production Department, Nada Agricultural company, AlAhsa, (KSA)
1999-2001: Agricultural Engineer, Green Landscaping Company, Riyadh, (KSA)
1998-1999: Demonstrator, Khartoum University Educational Farm, Shambat, Sudan
1997-1998: Nursery vice-officer with Finland Aid and (IFAD) Projects, Kosti, Sudan
1989-1990: Volunteer with the World Food Programme (WFP), Kosti, Sudan

– Nutritive evaluation of some browse trees fruits (seed and pods) as dry season supplement for livestock in arid and semi-arid lands of Sudan. International Journal of
Agriculture and Environmental Research, Volume: 01, Issue: 01. PP 24-31. Oct 2015
– Chemical Analysis of Acacia ehrenbergiana (Salam) Tree Fruits (seed and pods) as Dry Season Supplement for Livestock in Arid and Semi–arid Lands of Sudan, Animal Review Pak Insight, Sepet. 2015, 2(3):76-80
– Physiological Behavior and Growth Responses of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn.
Seedlings to Salt Stress Conditions. International Journal of Science and Research, Vol. (4)
1, Issue 6. PP 2434-2438. June 2015
– Potential & Chemical Composition of Acacia nilotica Fruits for Livestock in the Dry Lands of Sudan Fodder, International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences, Vol. (4) 1, PP 366-369. Jan-March 2014
– Influence of Copper Stress on the Growth Performance of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Seedlings, International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 4, Issue-2, PP 649-653. April-June-2014
– Potential of Prosopis chilensis (Molina) Stuntz as a non-conventional animal feed in The Dry Lands of Sudan, International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences, Vol. (4) 2, PP 673-676. April-June-2014

– Potential Nutrient Composition of Acacia seyal Fruits as Fodder for Livestock in the Dry Lands in Sudan, Development in Analytical Chemistry (1) 25-30, 2014
– Tree and Shrub Species at Lower Atbara River Basin, North-eastern Sudan, Tropentag 2010, September 14-16, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland “World Food System A Contribution from Europe” “Conference book”
– Company-Community Forestry Partnership: an Example from Sudan “Kenana Sugar Company Ltd., Sudan”, Tropentag, October 6-8, 2009, Hamburg “Biophysical and Socioeconomic Frame Conditions for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”, “Conference book”
– Organic Livestock Production, Technical concept, status and possibilities in Sudan (Under processing)
– Organic Agriculture in Sudan, current status, problems and prospects (Under processing)

Conferences, training courses, workshops, seminars and exhibitions
– Main Speaker at the “Arab Organic Farming Forum in Sudan”, Khartoum, March, 2018
– Main Speaker at Biofach Conference, “IFOAM Global Policy Talklit on Public Support toOrganic Farming” Germany, Nurnberg, Feb. 2017
– Participating in advanced training “plant nutrition & soil fertility” Bari Institute, Italy, June, 2017
– Training at Munich Botanical Garden, Germany, July, 2016
– Training at Berlin Botanical Garden, Germany, September, 2015
– Training at Kew Royal Botanical Garden, UK, London, March, 2014
– Training at Hohenheim University Botanical Garden, Germany, August, 2008
– Participating with 16 extension staff officers from “MEWA” for “Fundamental Training in Organic Farming and Extension Services”, December, 2014, (CITAB), Tunisia
– Participating for establishing, implementing & following up the Organic Products PR campaign inside Hypermarkets, Social Media & evaluating the impact. (KSA), Nov. 2014 – 2017
– Researcher & demonstrator with experts from “FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture” forconducting research & field trials, Switzerland, Frick, June, 2014
– Moderator with experts from “Humboldt University & hffa Co. Germany” for Establishing
Organic Agricultural Policy & Policy Action Plan Workshops (Riyadh, Berlin, Magdeburg & Frankfurt), March 2012, 2014 & Oct 2017
– Participating at lectures and managing VIP delegations to Biofach exhibition, Nurnberg, Germany, from February 2010 -2017
– Demonstrator with an expert from “vTI Institute, Hamburg, Germany” for farmers & agronomists in Organic Livestock (Sheep, Goats and Poultry) Workshops, (KSA), January 2012 – Nov. 2013
– Leading a Ministry delegation for advanced training program “Inspectors and Auditors Training for Inspection and Witness-audits”, Izmir, Turkey, Sept.2013
– Facilitator to collect data by “Morarka Rural Research Foundation” for feasibility study for Organic Products Marketing Development, Sept. 2013
– Demonstrator and translator with an expert from ” FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture,
Germany” for the agronomists in Advanced Level Training Workshop for Evaluation of Inputs for Organic Farming, June, 2013 & Oct. 2017
– Trainee & demonstrator with an expert from “PreCert Consulting and Audit, Germany” for the agronomists “Auditor training” in ISO 17065 requirements (KSA), March 2012
– Demonstrator with an expert from “FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland” for farmers & agronomists in Plant Nutrition Workshops, (KSA), Oct. 2011
– Researcher & facilitator with experts from “FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland” for Organic Products Marketing Development Activities, (KSA), July & Oct. 2011
– Participating in Value-Links Training for trainers, Oestrich-Winkle, Germany, July, 2011
– Inspection and evaluation of the productive organic farms in Saudi Arabia with BCS “German Certification Body”, 2010
– Demonstrator with “Morarka Rural Research Foundation” for the organic farming research training, Jaipur-India, 2010
– Tropentag Conference: “Land use Management Systems-Enhancing Food Security” Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 2015
– Tropentag Conference: “World Food System A Contribution from Europe” ETH University,
Zurich, Switzerland 2010
– Tropentag Conference: “Biophysical and Socio-economic Frame Conditions for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources” Hamburg, Germany, 2009
– Tropentag Conference: “Competition for Resources in a Changing World New Drive for Rural Development” Hohenheim University, Hohenheim, Germany, 2008
– Acceptance in sandwich programme for the PhD student in Gottingen University, Germany, 2008
– IFOAM 1st conference: “Marketing of Organic Farming Products and Regional Values”, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, 2007
– Technical Proposal for “Future of Organic Farming in Sudan”, Sudanese Metrology & Standards Organization, Khartoum, Sudan, 2007

Technical reviewing of
– Organic Agric. Policy & Policy Action Plan for Saudi Arabia
– Organic Farming Law & By-Law for Saudi Arabia
– Organic Products Marketing Plan Development
– Organic Conversion Guideline
– Animal Health in Organic Farming
– Organic Sector Study in Saudi Arabia
– Organic Farming Input list for Saudi Arabia
– SOPs in Composting trails, Biological control & Vegetables production
– Standards for Organic Farming in the Gulf Area
– Organic Farming Handbook for Saudi Arabia
– Composting Manual, Neem Tree Extract as a natural Insecticide
– More than ten Flyers & leaflets in the Organic Farming Field
VII Membership of professional societies and associations
– International Federation of Organic Agric. Movements “IFOAM”, Bonn Germany
– Member of Necofa. (Network for Eco-farming in Africa), Kassel, Germany
– Sudanese Environmental Conservation Society, Khartoum, Sudan
– Sudanese Organic Farming Society, Khartoum, Sudan
– Sudanese Agricultural Engineering Association, Khartoum, Sudan
– Saudi Organic Farming Association, Riyadh, (KSA)
– Sudanese Consumers Protection Society, Khartoum, Sudan
– Member of the Organic Farming Technical committee Meeting, Riyadh, (KSA)

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