Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf

Member Title: Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Organization: University of Limerick, Ireland



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Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health at University of Limerick in Ireland. He has worked for more than twenty years as a researcher, project manager, lecturer and health system specialist in academia, ministries of health, and international organizations in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Dr Khalifa is a consultant in maternal and reproductive health, with experience in health system, service and policy research in fragile states.

Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf is currently an Advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on The Mother and Newborn Information for Tracking Outcomes and Results (MONITOR) and on The Child Health Accountability Tracking (CHAT). He also act as an advisor to the steering committee of Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS) at Health Systems Global (HSG).

Dr.Khalifa’s Citations: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=2CbMprwAAAAJ&hl=en