Azhari Musa

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Professional Achievements        Certificates and medals for participation in Khartoum International Fair of Khartoum (Khartoum Expo) 1999
Work History Ø  Project Executing Specialist

C.O  Alhayat Solar energy, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

April 2006 – February 2019

My job included:

·         Performance, develop targeted improvements and implement changes achieving good results.

·         Applied strong leadership talents and problem-solving skills to maintain team   efficiency and organize workflows to meet any daily demands.

·         Trained and guided team members to maintain high productivity and performance metrics.

·         Improved operational planning and business frameworks to enhance resource utilization and reduce waste.

·         Boosted team member productivity by enhancing performance monitoring and instituting motivational approaches.

·         Adjusted job assignments and schedules to keep pace with dynamic business needs, factoring in processes, and customer demands.

·         To achieve rate on assignments without loss of materials and assets.

·         Innovative and practical problem-solving skills in high-stress environment.

·         Maintained team efficiency delegating daily activities, monitoring output and rewarding positive contributions.

·         Upheld strict security and safety procedures to protect business from financial losses as compensation due to negligence and mismanagement.

Ø  Solar Division Supervisor

Alesayi for Electrical Material

April 1990 – July 2005

Performed various functions, including:

·         Attended technical and installation training in solar technology, Germany – 1993.

·         Administrative affairs of the Division.

·         Agreements negotiation.

·         Supervision and provision of customer service.

My experience in Solar Energy projects included:



Electrical solar Off Grid

·         Off Grid systems Remote Areas with battery, sizing, installing, maintenance.

·         Solar street Light, sizing, installing, maintenance.

·         sizing, installing, maintenance, and configuration in:

*    Solar submersible pump system, and

*    Solar Telecommunication stations.

·         Wind Turbine up to 50 kw.

·         Solar water heater up to 13000 Ltr.

Electrical solar On Grid

·         Parking Area.

·         Car Hybrid on Grid System.

Major Projects

Ø  STC solar stations all around Western Region,  Saudi Arabia.

Ø  Solar water Heater 13000Ltr, King Fahd Center in Yanbu.

Ø  Solar street Light In Jeddah.

Ø  Complete Solar program  In Mahmud Taiba Institute, Jeddah.

Education *    Diploma in Aviation, Commercial Pilot, 1983

Aviation Ground Academy, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, USA

*    High School Diploma, 1980

Khartoum, Sudan.

Skills My skills include:

·         Proficiency in several computer applications

·         Creating  periodical and general repairs history for our projects with the Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia

·         Excellent customer care, complain handling, warranty procedures, selling, and communication skills

·         Fluent in Arabic and English

·         In addition to technical courses, I attended several courses in the field of renewable energy in Germany, 1996

·         Effective in problem solving and leader in streamlining processes to reduce costs and organizational efficiency.

·         Provide a diligent mentality and successful of coordination and monitoring across different departments.

·         Exceptional abilities and results-driven approach.

·         Forward-thinking Manager with 25 years of solar project management experience environments, technically and commercially. Collaborative with dedication to partnering with coworkers to promote engaged, empowering work culture


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