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Key Result Progress


Healthcare Vision & Roadmap

Healthcare Vision

We plan to achieve a world-class healthcare system in Sudan by ensuring the active collaboration of the government with all health entities within the nation to have all public and private hospitals accredited according to clear national and international quality standards of medical services and staff.

Top Challenges

Governance & Stewardship

There is an exclusion of decision making and a narrow range of sectorial representation in platforms deciding on health matters. This causes rampant corruption and mismanagement in the health sector and health facility practices.

Failure to Implement Policies

Failure to implement the existing health policies and strategies particularly by regressing from Alma Ata Declaration principles lead to focusing less on primary health care (PHC) and more on secondary and tertiary.

Inadequate Human Resource Mgmt. Systems

The health work force density is inequitably distributed between urban and rural area. Furthermore, the lack of an adequate human resource management policy framework results in an uncontrolled production of weakly-trained personnel.

Inadequate Reporting

Inadequate reporting creates a poor system for turning health data into usable information for decision making, resulting in weak performance of the national and disease-specific heath surveillance system as well as irrational decision-making in the sector.

Neglect of Public Education

There is a neglect of previous investments and policies which helped create Sudan’s previous small but robust local manufacturing capacity for key drugs and medical supplies, with resultant reliance on importation at high cost to the government and/or the patient.

Inadequate Funding & Policies

Underfunding causes inadequate coverage of the insurance scheme in such a manner that the out-of-pocket expenditure portion becomes more than 75% of total expenditure on health.

Voice of the People

Top Recommendations


Redistributing Resources

At least 10% of government expenditure should be allocated to the health sector. Based on a proper review of Sudan’s HRH situation, assets should be redistributed from existing medical schools to core public medical schools and to strengthen investment in allied health sciences.

Promoting School Health Education & Services

Intensify school health education and services, including basic hygiene/sanitation, vaccination, nutrition, deworming, eye health, dental health, healthy dietary intake, lifestyle improvement, and psychosocial/mental health interventions

Streamlining All Major Health Projects

Comply with global aid effectiveness measures by engaging all stakeholders to ensure streamlining of all major health projects so that they are (a) harmonized among one another, (b) aligned with Sudanese national policy and strategy priorities, and (c) gradually integrated to operate through the public sector and to strengthen existing health systems.


Achieving Universal Health Coverage

By 2030, achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential healthcare services, and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. 

Support Vaccine R&D

Support the research and development of vaccines and medicines for communicable and non-communicable diseases, provide access to affordable essential medicines and vaccines.

Focusing on the Health Sector's Workforce

Substantially increase health financing and the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce.

Healthcare Projects

Expert and citizen teams advising the government

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