The Coalition of Sudanese Organizations against COVID-19 is a group of 62 organizations and communities from all over the world working to support Sudan’s efforts to combat COVID-19. Coalition members are organizations and communities formed by, serving, or concerned with Sudanese residents in a number of countries around the world, mainly in North America, Sudan, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.


The coalition was initially established by a group of Sudanese-American organizations in March 2020 and steadily expanded to include sister organizations from around the globe, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sudan, the Gulf, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Coalition’s main goal is to support Sudan in its COVID-19 pandemic response by investing in sustainable, high-priority projects in close coordination with the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Platform against Covid-19, and Sadagaat Charity Organization, Sudan. 

Projects Completed During COVID-19 First Wave

  1. Personal Protective Equipment for Sudan: During the first wave the coalition delivered the following supply of PPE to Sudan Federal Ministry of Health National Supply Fund and distributed it to Khartoum and all states
    • 350,000 gloves
    • 240,000 surgical masks
    • 3,000 gowns
    • 150,000 headcovers
    • 150,000 shoe covers
    • 400 N95
  2. The coalition provided 7,500 COVID-19 RT-PCR test kits and 7,500 RNA isolation kits. Testing kits in collaboration with the COVID-19 National Platform (the coalition sponsored 50% of the cost) 7,500 Norgen PCR testing and D RNA isolation extraction kits from Canada in collaboration with the National Platform
  3. Installation of Oxygen Network at three healthcare facilities: Jebra Isolation Center, Omdurman Teaching Hospital, and Medani Isolation Center.
  4. Transfer of technology in adopting the University of Nebraska Protocol in using Ultraviolet light decontamination of N95 installation: we used the already installments at the following isolation centers and plan will be implemented in 8 isolation centers in SudanUltraviolet light decontamination of N95 installation: we used the
    • Khartoum
    • Medani
    • Elfashir
    • Elgineena
  5. Delivery of consumable medical supplies and PPE valued at $403,065.56 Medical equipment container shipped from the US facilitated by Sudanese American Medical Association and distributed during wave 2.: Equipment worth $400,000 arrived before wave 2
  6. Social Media awareness campaign including videos from religious leaders, programs at local TV and radio stations, and Facebook lives.
  7. Virtual Medical training program for University of Gezira, Shendi, and Dongola: Delivered through Student Network Organization Facebook page
  8. Sudanese American Medical Response Team (SART) provided medical consultation facilitated by the Sudanese American Physician Association, legal, mental health, and financial consultation.

Current Projects


  1. Installing sustainable medical oxygen systems in major hospitals around the country:

Oxygen availability is the number one limiting factor for isolation and treatment center capacities. That is due to the limited availability of oxygen cylinders and the difficulty of transporting oxygen cylinders between production facilities and hospitals, especially in remote parts of the country. The oxygen systems currently being installed at hospitals consist of large storage tanks, pressure systems, and distribution networks. The benefits of these systems include:

  • A steady supply of oxygen at the right pressure level
  • Eliminating the need for oxygen cylinders 
  • Making oxygen cylinders (in short supply) available to other medical facilities
  • Minimizing the need for oxygen transportation from production sites
  • Lowering the cost of insurance and operation
  • Sustainable oxygen infrastructure with low maintenance requirements

Jabra isolation center has been selected as the pilot for this effort and is fully operational following installation and testing. Other treatment centers that will be fitted with central oxygen supply include Omdurman Hospital, and El Shaab hospital.

  1. Community-based Public Health Response to COVID-19: The community medical response team (CMRT) is a project led by the Coalition of Sudanese Organizations Against COVID-19. This is one of two projects that form the Community Response Campaign, which is a collaboration between the coalition of Sudanese organizations against COVID-19 and the Baladna initiative to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the community. 

The CMRT project vision is: Using a team structured approach we will achieve the following goals:

  1. Reduce community spread of COVID-19.
  2. Reduce the pressure on already overwhelmed and crowded healthcare facilities. 
  3. Empower healthcare students, graduates, and trainees with the tools to help their community combat COVID-19
  4. Establish a functional model for handling future outbreaks and pandemics.

The CMRT project mission is: Develop a neighborhood-based CMRT Of healthcare professionals and students (medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, etc) with the following objectives

  1. Quick Rapid identification and immediate triage of severe and declining cases.
  2. Management plans for mild to moderate cases.
  3. Monitoring for high-risk patients under home isolation
  4. Ensure proper home isolation for COVID-19 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases
  5. Ensure proper quarantine for close contacts
  6. Coordinate referrals of cases that need direct medical attention.
  1. Family Medicine Program support: The coalition has committed to supporting the 4646 call center as well as primary health centers operated by the family medicine initiative under the leadership of Dr. Sameh. The coalition will pay the rent for the call center for a total amount of $5,000  
  2. COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: a. Registration and tracking system b. Educational efforts and public outreach c. Public-private partnerships