Marketing Plan of Migration Agency

I almost got a full scholarship for this idea after I participated in Incubator Geneva Business School Ideas competition, I simply add that one should get extensive screening before migrate but not longer than one month

governments should facilitate the idea by singing a tready clear that we’ll take care of our citizen  abroad till they get permenant residancy or become a legal citizen of the migration destination .

the idea of migration itself anciant done all prophetes and we can take it as example their journy add to that the animals kingdom also migrate to seek refuge, food and shelter , good weather and mates to breed

one should not be forced to stay in one place the rest of his life simply because the beuracracy of migration personnel and the rules made to divide not to unite

less casualities could be pervented if illegal migrants dont take high risk by crossing the midetrenian . life could be saved the money wont be waste in the wrong pocket

diversify comunity helps the wheel of devolopment faster , Allah says” we create you nations and trips to know each other … the verse ”

facebook made that but in virtual world i plan to do it in reality , let migrant migrate let people live . with a bit of  your assisstant

hope you like it …


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