MA’AK Services

Many countries have been attempting to change from cash orientation to a cash less oriented society.

Despite those attempts, people found no added value and were not motivated to adapt to these new changes.

Now, thanks to MA’AK, we have created a new project that motivates people with great benefits to finally change and adapt to this new era.

With MA’AK you will find the desired e-payment platform that motivates people through outstanding discounts, a great loyalty program, and so much more!

How to have MA’AK services?

Through our partners: If you’re a member with our partners your card will have MA’AK services.

Through MA’AK Card: If you have MA’AK card defiantly you will get the discount.

Through our website / APP: The rest of bank members can register individually on MA’AK website or APP, by adding their ATM card serial number and they can enjoy with MA’AK services.

These are the sectors where the project customers can enjoy discounts:


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