Sudan’s Wealth Resources

Here are the most important sources of income:

First: Agricultural Investment

Growing vegetables, fruits, feed, wheat, corn and sesame and then exporting them.


Second: Mineral Resources:

Prospecting for gold, copper, aluminum and other precious metals, precious stones, granite, lime and marble so as to be in an organized manner, licenses and fees with the division of ratios between the government and the investor or the Sudanese citizen and attract investors and protect them. The Central Bank reserves gold bullion to raise the value of the pound against other currencies.


Third: Animal Wealth:

Sudan has a vast wealth of camels, sheep, and goats, But without benefiting from it or being smuggled to Egypt and Egypt exporting it to the world and Sudan is unfortunately watching. We must take advantage of this wealth and breeding and then export and export meat to all the world.


Fourth: Arabic Gum :

We all know the importance of Arabic gum and its entrance into a lot of industries and important industry glass, candy, medicines and others. This treasure should be used and utilized first by establishing glass factories (car glass and aircraft). Because gum arabic is available and the material is silica (fine sand) There are all the ingredients of industry and must be the largest factory in the Middle East to produce glass in Sudan

Also, opening the field for investors to establish factories on the basis of 60% for the investor and 40% for Sudan, provided that the ownership of the factories in full within 5 years from the date of establishment of factories


Fifth: Iron and Steel Industry:

This is a leading industry in the progress of the country and the establishment of infrastructure and construction and buildings and there is a lot of scraps (iron scrap) and the most important resistances of the iron and steel industry to be a balance between the need of the country and the proportion of export abroad, which generates much for the State Treasury, also brought investors to set up factories, but the investment should not exceed 5 years.


Sixth: Cement Industry

This industry is parallel to iron and steel and is the second component of the renaissance and construction of the country and the availability of raw materials in large quantities and there are factories for cement, but is a small production capacity, so we must first support the existing factories and the establishment of other factories with the highest production potential and also attract investors.


Seventh: Port of Sudan:

(Sudan Line) is the face of Sudan and reflects the image of the country, so it must be taken care of and fully operational (in the past was the Sudanese ships in the number of cities of Sudan) but the corrupt regime destroyed and sold junk, Attention must be paid to the port because of the trade movement of exports and imports and open Sudan to the outside world.


Eighth: Airports:

It is one of the most important ways of transport and linking the world with Sudan, Sudanese Airlines should be rebuilt and open airports and bring aircraft because they are no less important than the port of Sudan should be the link between Africa and the Middle East in air navigation.


Ninth: Pharmaceutical Industry:

We all know Sudan’s potential in the pharmaceutical industry and Al Shifa factory. The biggest example is where 40% of medicines were supplied to Africa and built with Sudanese efforts, and the cause of conspiracy and corruption was destroyed.

But it is not difficult to build 100 pharmaceutical factories as long as the minds of our Sudan are fine enough to satisfy the need of Sudan and then self-export.


Tinth: Tourism:

Sudan is one of the creativity of the tourist and archaeological areas, but it is oppressed by the media.


To this extent and continue in another report of other sources of Sudan.

Ali Mahmoud

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