Decentralizing Our Country

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Decentralizing Our Country


With the accelerating development that is taking place in the world, especially in Blockchain Technology, we had to catch up and introduce this technology and its application in reality.
We have programmed this Smart Contract to be the key to entering this technology and then developing it to an integrated platform that transforms our country's economy into a strong economy based on the latest technology and is linked to the world in a faster way.

In the first stage, as we explained, we have programmed this smart contract in the Ethereum network and our goal is to improve this contract into a complete chain so that smart contracts can be built in the future for companies, individuals, banks and government institutions.

Our country, as you know, is a country full of good things, and a country with multiple sources, including minerals, agriculture, and groundwater, which are endless. From this standpoint, we had to create this platform to include all governmental and private sectors in the technology of modern block chaine external transfers and linking them to the blockchain, but the biggest obstacle facing us is Understanding and applying this technology by the community and in particular by the officials of the banking system, so we will do training courses in this field to explain the technology and how to apply and benefit from it.


The biggest problem facing Sudan is the return to the global banking system after the embargo and sanctions that have exhausted it for the past 20 years, and for this period, which now no one can use credit cards or global bank transfers from the Governor of Sudan, not even electronic banks, Sudan's losses from the embargo have exceeded 50 billion dollars and more . These sanctions have directly affected people's lives, pensions and marital status. But with the advent of block chain technology, we had to catch up and start where the others ended.

Here the idea came to create this contract so that Sudan’s entrance to the (blockchain) technology is one of its broadest doors and we had to program this smart contract at this particular time and after the success of the great Sudanese revolution the December revolution That brought down a dictatorial regime, a body, on the chest of Sudanese for 30 years. 

We also summarized for you that the introduction of a complete state in block chain technology takes a lot of time, so we started by programming the smart contract in preparation for programming Our (Blockchain) stand-alone, we want to solve all the problems of the Sudanese banking system from internal and external transfers and linking them to the block system, but the biggest obstacle facing us is Understanding and applying this technology by the community and in particular by the officials of the banking system, so we will do training courses in this field to explain the technology and how to apply and benefit from it.


The technology (blockchains) was able in a few years to take the confidence of the people and draw their attention to what is coming, block chain technology now we see that many countries have applied them and even established research centers for them.

We are here in Sudan with the deterioration of our banking system and our backwardness from the digital world we had to introduce this technology into our country and also see that it is the blocks when it appeared has solved many problems that were difficult to think about them earlier .let alone solve it, it is simply a technique that will solve many problem.

  • Fighting corruption •Financing projects (banks, companies, banks,)
    • Solve the problem of transferring money to and from Sudan.
    • Solve the problem of tax evasion.
    • Quick collection of taxes for government agencies

           We also think about introducing this technology in all aspects of life (education, health, industry, agriculture, minerals), especially here, agriculture, so every person in the world knows that Sudan is the food basket of the world, so we have products that love us with God (such as gum, cotton, corn. , Sesame, wheat, live, fruits, vegetables, etc.) The introduction of this technology in the production and financing of these products will greatly facilitate the production, shipping, surveillance and fight against corruption.


Merowe Center for  Blockchain Research is interested in study and analyze this technology and issue weekly and monthly reports, help  in publishing this technology, develop plans and programs, and issue bulletins to government institutions, universities, newspapers, etc.

As everyone knows that blockchain technology is a qualitatively modern technology that is complex and requires time to understand and explain it, especially to third world countries, so this center works to simplify and explain this technology to societies and to issue periodic bulletins and all that is new.

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  • National Priorities

    2- Stabilize the Economy, 5- Fight Corruption, 8- Youth Employment, 9- Social Development

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    8- Decent Work and Economic Growth, 12- Responsible Consumption and Production, 17- Partnerships for the Goals

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    Vetted, High Impact

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    Ready for Funding

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    Long term

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    نحن نعمل علي ادخال جميع قطاعات السودان الحكومية والخاصة الي منصة ( البلوك شين)

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