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Yasir Deafalla, CPA An International Development, and Finance professional with over 15 years of experience. Skilled and strategic thinker with demonstrated successes in facilitating change, designing and implementing finance and Program Support Systems in the multi-cultural organization. Demonstrated budget and financial management expertise with a focus on accountability & compliance. Regularly tillite innovation and technology to enhance efficiency & cost-effectiveness. Strong track record in building organizational cultures, working with a wide variety of donors.International experience in Sudan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and the USA. B.S. and Master Degree in Accounting. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Virginia US A member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) since 2004.

Financial Analyst, Emory University – The Carter Center – Atlanta Georgia (June 2017 – Present): Responsible for the reviewing, analyzing, and reporting of financial data with $7M annual budget for three programs, including Democracy, Conflict Resolution and Access to Information programs. Ensure the accuracy of financial information, timely and quality of grant reporting. Responsible for processing, financial reporting, reviewing budgeting, grant management, managing audit, cash management, approving procurement and provide training.
Key Achievements:
 Participated in three days of USAID regulation’s training and applied the knowledge on a day to day tasks.
 Participated in a management review a field office..
 Provide financial support to three programs and six field offices.
 Providecapacity building and guidance to field office team.
Deputy Country Director, Program Support, CARE – Beirut Lebanon (Nov 2015 – June 2017): Provided leadership,
direction, and management of all Program Support (Financial, HR, logistics, and administration) activities in the Country Office (CO) with a 10M annual budget. Responsible for the oversight of financial and administrative activities reduced risk and ensured compliance with donor and CARE policies. Managed the Country Office Support Department and provided proper recording, documentation, control, monitoring, and reporting of financial, administrative, HR and logistics operations and business transactions.
Key Achievements:
 Reviewed, finalized training staff on 21 different country office policy.
 Lead and improved the country office’s key program support functions.
 As a member of the Senior Management Team, participated and contributed to the country office strategy.
 Assumed the responsibility of Country Director during his/her absence.
Finance & Grants Director – Syria Response, Save the Children International (SCI)– Antakya Turkey (May-2014 –
Oct 2015): Ensured effective financial and grant services for Syria response program with a 40M annual budget. Manged awards and ensured compliance with the rule and regulations of donors, SCI and host governments. Prepared the budget, conducted financial analysis, prepared financial reports, and developed and implemented an efficient accounting system, established and maintained effective internal control systems and provided strategic leadership to the country office as a member of Senior Leadership Team. Acted as Fraud Management focal point for the country office,lead fraud investigations and reported cases to regional and HQ offices. Managed the performance of two direct reports: Deputy Finance Director & Award Compliance Manager and ten indirect reports.
Key Achievements:
 Enhanced Finance and Grants’ team performance, build their capacity, attracted, trained and retained qualified staff.
 Inherited unsatisfactory Internal audit report with major finding and managed to resolve the issues related to the
findings, strengthen the internal control, policy and procedures and enhanced the culture of compliance in the office.

 Trained Senior Management Team and budget holder on monitoring budget and transformed the Annual budget to
effective financial management and monitoring tools that enabled a timely financial decision.
 Attended Fraud training for the trainer, lead and reported over ten fraud investigations.
Grant & Contract Manager, (Consultant) – Syria Emergency Response, CARE Jordan Amman – Jordan (Jan-2014 –April 2014): Ensured the Country Office met the contractual fiscal and administrative standards of donor emergency contracts as well as CARE. Supported the Program Team, collaborated with various stakeholders and facilitated critical Grants & Contracts program and financial processes from the proposal development stage, monitoring, reporting, and close-out. Coordinated with Program Teams to complete technical and fiscal operations on sub-awards and provided appropriate guidance and oversight ensuring compliance with CARE and donor requirements. Supervised the processes for budget management and reporting for Emergency Project.
Key Achievements:
 Reviewed Syria Response program funding and created Project Portfolio.
 Identified potential risk area in Grant and Contract areas and proposed actions that resolved the issues.
 Created detail budget vs. expenditure and presented to senior management and other stakeholders.
 Facilitated two days workshop reviewing current portfolio and prepared projections.
 Managed the function of Grant & Contract, Proposal Development, and Information Management.
 Prepared cash flow,communicated with CARE Members and arranged fund transfers.
Assistant Country Director, Program Support, CARE USA Dhaka Bangladesh (Mar-2009 – Jan-2014): Provided
leadership and direction of the Country Office CO, (900 employees and $30M annual budget) Program Support (PS) functions including Finance, HR, Administration, Transport, IT, Procurement. Ensured Program Support functions were implemented efficiently and cost-effectively and in compliance with Donor and CARE regulations. Promoted talent management to harness knowledge and retain key staff and managed the performance of five units’ heads (Finance, Procurement, IT, HR & Admin & Transport services). As a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), participated in the strategic leadership and direction in the developing CO program, policy, and procedures.
Key Achievements:
 Improved compliance of CARE Bangladesh that resulted in no question cost or significant audit findings for three years.
 Attended five days program approach workshop reflected learning with a Program Support team that resulted in
building a strong commitment to the program. Brought Program and Program Support together to workin harmony.
 Transformed Procurement & Transport Services units, using RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consult, & Inform)  Model, Business process & promoting dialogue, amongst the least performers to well run high-performance units.
 Attended HAY job evaluation training and used the knowledge on leading the job assessment and standardized 130
 Attended ten days (ERP) People Soft training and utilized the knowledge on training 150 staff from CARE
 Earned the trust & confidence of Program & Support staff’s and built strong relationships that promoted learning across units.
Director of Finance, Admin & IT, CARE USA, Khartoum Sudan (Jan-2007 – Mar-2009): Ensured Program Support complied with donor & CARE regulation and provided strategic support and leadership to programs in the areas of Finance, Information Systems, Procurement, Logistics, and Administration. Ensured policies and procedures were up to date, and Program Support functions were implemented effectively and efficiently. Managed the performance of three direct reports. As a member of the Senior Management Team and Country Office Leadership, provided strategic leadership and contributed to policy development.
Key Achievements:
 Facilitated six various audits including A-133 and ECHO and reduced audit findings and question cost.

 Enforced compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations and facilitated a review and
improved CO compliance.
 Enhanced project managers and program staff financial management skills by providing group and individual
 Reduced Program Support budget by 30% and improved PS performance.
 Contributed to the development of different CO policies including HR & Admin policies.
Finance Controller, CARE USA, Khartoum Sudan (July-2006 – Dec- 2006): Developed, coordinated and administered the CO budget of $25M. Ensured proper recording, documentation, control, monitoring, and reporting of financial operations and providing quality financial services to all projects, units, and staff in the CO. Ensured compliance with Donor and regulations, managed internal & external audits and managed the performance of three direct finance staff in HQ and 15 indirect at sub-office.
Key Achievements:
 Collected 90% of outstanding receivables from staff.
 Reduced Donor Receivables from $6M to $2.5M in less than six months.
 Discovered $122K error in Global Insurance calculation and recovered the amount.
 Customized reports using Crystal Reports software to meet Project Managers and program needs and generated
monthly reports that improved knowledge and burn rate.
 Attended five days of US government training and applied the knowledge by training Country Office staff.
Deputy Finance Controller, CARE USA, Khartoum Sudan (Oct-2005 – Jun- 2006): Responsible for the overall
management of the CO’s portfolio of 30 grants and contracts with a total budget of 25M from various donors. Portfolio
Included USAID, DFID, EC, and WFP, ensured compliance with policies and regulations of CARE and donors. Worked closely with the program unit on preparing the annual budget and monitoring burn rate and ensuring the quality of budget submission to the donor. Trained Program and project managers on budgeting techniques and Financial Management’s skills, managed the performance of one direct report & six indirect reports and trained the Finance Team in different financial aspects.
Key Achievements:
 Trained five finance staff on financial skills and competency that enabled them for a higher role.
 Met HQ report deadline for eight months with accurately reporting, which resulted in ‘‘Excellent’’ rating for all
 Discovered a potential overspend of $1.2M and alerted management which resulted in reaching a solution.
 Improved quality of donor financial reports and meet the submission deadline.
 Facilitated five days workshop for over 20 project managers and prepared the FY07 budget using Zero-based
 Participated in six different project startup workshops which resulted in smooth project implementation and enhanced staff knowledge of project budget, donor rules, and requirement.
Country Office Regional Accountant, CARE USA, Atlanta, USA (Sep-2003 – Sep. 2005): Ensured accuracy and
timeliness of monthly, quarterly & annual financial and budgeting/forecasting data. Provided coaching, training, and troubleshooting to the COs’ staff as well as financial analysis and recommend improvement in related areas. Provided support to external and internal auditors. Spent three months TDY in Darfur region of Sudan as a Finance Manager setting up finance unit and system
Key Achievements:
 Setup of a Financial system for Darfur region.
 Designed crystal report to capture reporting errors that save time and increased reporting quality.
 Met timely submission of monthly reports to country offices.
 Reconciled intercompany for 15 COs back for four years.
Regional Accountant Analyst, CARE USA, Atlanta GA, USA (Jan-2000 – Aug- 2003): Provided day-to-day support to seven COs in East Africa, reviewed and processed monthly closing using OFS and Scala Financial System. Supported data conversion and migration from OFS to Scala. Performed detailed financial analysis including budget, cash position, and financial. Provided support to internal and external audits. Participated in three weeks of Internal Audit as Guest Auditor for CARE Sudan in 2002
Key Achievements:
 Helped with Financial system migration from In-house OFS to Scala.
 Assisted in the successful implementation of new financial systems (Scala).
 Lead on first Scala month closing for CARE Sudan.
 Reconstructed CARE Sudan five years of financial books in Excel and reconciled to GL.
 Provided one on one training to seven colleagues from overseas offices through the Finance Training Program.

 Certified Public Account (CPA) Virginia Board of Accountancy 2004
 Master Degree in Accounting, El Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan, 2011
 Bachelor Degree in Accounting, El Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan 1993