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Organization: University of Gezira Alumni in North America

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UGAIN Is University of Gezira Alumni association that represents the university graduates, professors and associates in North  America.  The initial group was founded in 2017 to fundraise money to assist our fellow alumni graduates and to participate in small charity projects, and the December upraising in Sudan. The group expanded overtime to include  larger numbers of graduates in North America and we realized the need to establish a body that represents our hopes and aspirations for our homeland- Sudan and to match the efforts of our people in Sudan during the revolution. UGAIN was born in 2019 with greater aspirations to service our  homeland- Sudan as well as our Gezira graduates community.our goals are summarized as follows:

Goals & objectives:

Section 1
To connect UGAIN members to the University of Gezira and to each other and provide valued professional, educational and social service to its members.
Section 2
Support the University’s mission of teaching, research and training.
Provide the University of Gezira with resources to help the university achieve its objectives and better the educational experience of its students.
Section 3
Promote values of freedom, equality, peace, and justice for all Sudanese communities, both in North America and in Sudan. Increase awareness within the Alumni communities in North America of Sudan’s needs and promote initiatives to provide professional, educational and training opportunities to the people of Sudan.
Section 4
To connect members of UGAIN in North America to exchange experiences and opportunities and to build a forum for professional networking for the mutual benefit of UGAIN’s members.
Section 5
To create a multi-discipline association that offers scientific analysis and objective assessment of the major technical challenges facing Sudan and that propose expert solutions in the fields of education, health, agriculture and industry to relieve the long-standing hardships Sudanese people have endured.

Our priorities in the transitional period is to focus our efforts to support Sudanese people and transitional government in Education and Agriculture, and our members will continue to engage and support  other organizations in their initiatives in economics, health, training, civil service improvement, manufacturing, higher educations, and any other initiatives that elevate the people of Sudan