Sirelkhatim Osman Tambal

Member Title: Chemical Engineer -Refineries Experts
Organization: Magarsum Petrochemicals



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Education & Attainment :
• B.Sc. Honours Degree – Chemical Engineering – University of Khartoum 1968.
Work Experience :
1. 2008 to present APS Engineering ROMA:
• APS Engineering ROMA Liaison representative for oil industry in Sudan.
• Petroleum Consultant for upstream and downstream.
2005 to 2008 APS liaison representative in Port Sudan, Refinery Projects
(joint venture Sudan Government and Petronas of Malaysia).
2. Experience with Greater Nile Operating Company 2001 – 2004
• Bashayer Marine Terminal.
• Storage Capacity 2,200.000 bbls Nile Blend Crude oil.
• Inlet Pressure Reduction System.
• Wax Processing Unit. Wax Melting.
• Boilers and Hot Oil System for Crude Heating.
• Loading Capacity 1,200.000 bbl/day.
• Instrument Air, Heat Tracing, Programmed Logic Control PLC.
• Off-shore facilities: Buoy, Floating hoses, Fully instrumented overpressuring safeguarding.
• Fire fighting facilities : main fire water hydrant, pumps, water tankage, fire truck, oil spill response: Tugs, Quick – Deployment Boom and Skimmer.


3. Experience with Port Sudan Refinery:
Refinery Configuration: Physical Processes :
• One atmospheric distillation unit 3.700 mt/sd
• The Middle East and Libyan crude oils.
• LPG depropanizer and caustic treatment Conversion processes
• One kerosene minus hydrotreater 1,200 mt/sd.
• One catalytic reformer 250 mt/sd.
Utilities and offsite :
• Medium pressure boilers 20//10 mt/sd
• Total condensing turboalteraors 3X1.5 plus Diesel generators 1.2 MW, 0.5 MW, 0.25 MW
• Zeolite softness, Sea water distillers. Reverse osmosis. Sea water supply and return. Instrument air. Fuel gas system. Fuel oil system. Flare. Firefighting facilities. Foam risers and base foam injection.
• Intermediate products storage tanks.
• Inline blending.
• Custody transfer meter station.
• Crude receiving jetty and storage terminal.
1986 – 2000
Refinery Operation Manager :
• In charge of all refinery operation activities.
• Also in charge of material supply and logistics.
• Liaison with Shell materials, spare parts, process chemicals, general and safety materials.
1982 – 1985
Refinery Chief Technologist :
• In charge of technology department and laboratory.
• Trouble shooting, investigations, process control, monitoring.
1980 – 1981
Senior Technologist
Shell Pernis Refinery
Rotterdam Holland :
• Physical processes, distillation, LPG treatment

• Unifiners, hydrodesulphurization.
1978 – 1979
Port Sudan Refinery
Senior Technologist
• Heading / Leading four Technologist and one laboratory supervisor.
• All technical activities (Process, Utilities, offsite, oil movement)
1976 – 1977
Shell Haven Refinery UK
Refinery Technologist:
• Processes, utilities technologist.
• Continuous bimetallic reformers.
• Naphtha unifiners.
• Gasoil hydrodesulphurizer
• C4 minus Super – distiller.
• Water demineralization plant.
1972 – 1975
Port Sudan Refinery
Senior Technologist :
• Heading a group of 5 technologist + one laboratory supervisor
• Process and utility control / monitoring.
• Test runs.
• Troubleshooting and investigations.
• Certification of finished products.
1970 – 1971
Port Sudan Refinery
Head of Laboratory :
• Refinery Process and utilities control, crude distillation
• Reforming, hydrotreating, LPG, boiler feed water. Boiler water
• Troubleshooting and investigations
• Certification of finished products.
• Certification of imported products.
1968 – 1969
Production Engineering
Food Processing Research Center

Shambat – Khartoum North
• Canning, spray drying, food preservtation.


4. Lecturing / Presentation and Training Experience
1) Lecturer and Senior lecturer, Port Sudan Refinery (Shell and BP), 1970 – 2000.
Refinery process and utilities introduction to specialized visitors.
(University students, graduates and professors).
Training of refinery operations staff and process engineers on start – up, shut – down and emergency procedures related to all new projects.
Coach and guide refinery uptakes of fresh process engineers.
2) More than 40 presentations and technical papers in different Shell courses, workshops and seminars in SIPM central office the Hahue and SITCO London.
This includes but not limited to :
a. Physical processes
b. Secondary Processes
c. Utilities
d. Cracking
e. Deep conversion
f. Safeguarding
g. Emergency procedures.
3) Technical orientation courses for fresh processes engineers.
4) Presentation of quality management, disaster plans, oil spill for PSR engineers and Red Sea University.
5) Lecturing / presentation of environmental issues at Red Sea University and Red Sea environmental conservation society.
6) Contingency planning in the oil industry, PSR and Red Sea University.
7) Presentation and environmental impact assessment studies (re-new Port Sudan Refinery Project) for PSR and Red Sea environmental conversation society.
8) Chemical engineers graduation projects coaching and final discussions at Red Sea University Port Sudan.
9) Basic safety introduction to Petrodar engineers 3 groups of 20 each.Bayn Training Center, Khartoum, Jan, Feb 2009.

10) Khartoum refinery process and operation engineers : Two groups Two weeks each:
• Incident investigation.
• Job Safety analysis.
• Professional Loss Control.
11) Khartoum refinery process and operation engineers : Water Treatment Program, Sep 2011.
12) Khartoum refinery engineers : Product Supply Specifications. April 2012.
13) Khartoum refinery engineers : Hazard Operability Dec 2012.
14) Khartoum refinery engineers : Hazard Area Classification May 2014.
15) Economics and risk analysis of upstream projects PTC 2014.
16) Project Management : PTC 2014.
17) Oil Economics and Risk Analysis, Edrack Training Center 2014.
18) Energy Demand and Consumption Administration Policies, PTC Oct 2014.
19) Basic refinery operation KRC (Two groups Two weeks each). August 2015.
20) Project Management, PTC Nov. 2015.
21) Preparation for Strategic Energy plans. (PTC) Khartoum (7-11) – 8 – 2016.
22) Energy Demand and Consumption Administration Polices PTC 14–18 August 2016.
23) Products Supply Specifications. Khartoum Refinery May 2018.
24) Physical Processes Distillation. Elobeid Refinery Sep 2018.