Rafat Hassanein

Member Title: Expert Adviser on Balanced Scorecard, KPI's and Project Management
Organization: Government & NGOs



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An Expert Adviser on Balanced Scorecard, KPI’s and Project Management. With more than 11 Years in Strategic Management, I have a passion for enhancing the competitive advantage of strategic execution through establishing & leading (Office of Strategy Management “OSM” & Project Management Office “PMO”) for all the projects and strategic initiatives.


Focus Areas:

•Strategic Planning for Government & Public Sector.

•Strategy Execution Consultancy.

•Establishment Office of Strategy Management “OSM” & Project Management Office “PMO”.

•Youth Empowerment.


Work Experience

The Palladium Group “An international advisory and management business”

Senior Consultant, Consulting. (Sep 2019 – present)
Responsible for leading the implementation of a discrete workstream as part of a broader project. The primary responsibilities of the Senior Consultant are to:
 Work with senior team members to develop hypotheses and work plans that address project objectives
 Manage the data collection and analysis
 Develop insights from the analytical process and integrate findings into the broader project work
 Build the relationship between Palladium and the client’s project team
 Interact independently with client leadership
 Identify follow-on opportunities and articulate proposed approach
 Proactively seek out opportunities to be involved in winning new clients
 Co-facilitate client workshops
 Coach and mentor junior team members both overall and on projects
 Manage and coordinate internal projects

MASALIK ALKHAIR Co. Ltd. “A holding company that oversees all the philanthropy activities of the Bin Mahfouz family” (Part of SEDCO HOLDING)
Head of Planning & Development & Studies Dept. (Jan 2016 – Sep 2017) & (Jan 2019 – Aug 2019)
 Led an OSM team to develop the long-term and short-term strategic direction of SEDCO Social Initiatives for a budget of SAR +180 million since 2016 (included CAPEX – OPEX & STRATEX).
 Developed a project risk matrix as organization-wide practice to assess all potential risks and set mitigation measures to all project initiated into Masalik Al-Khair’s social projects for year 2016 onwards
 Set up a mechanism to discuss plans (strategic and operational) and planning periodic meetings to discuss the plan and highlight obstacles and overcome them (Weekly “40”, monthly “10” & quarterly meetings “4”)
 Evaluated strategic projects portfolio and guiding the continuous development of the mechanism and initiatives (SAR +120 million since 2016.)
 Evaluated ” 2 ” internal and external strategic communication and marketing plans in order to activate the implementation of the plan and its related items.
 Reviewed and amended the entire portfolio of projects (+90 projects) quarterly since 2016.

SEDCO HOLDING Secondee, Internal Audit (Oct 2017 – Dec 2018)
 Delivered Balanced Scorecard for the SEDCO Holding Internal Audit Department.
 I have completed several Internal Audit engagements: Budget process (preparation, estimation & allocation), HR (compliance with policies & procedures) & Operation (payment process, monthly Performance Reports & operations processes).


MASALIK ALKHAIR Co. Ltd. (Part of SEDCO Holding)
Head of Strategic Initiatives & Studies Dept. (Jan 2014 – Dec 2015)
 Developed a practice to eliminate unnecessary projects’ expenditure, generating a saving of over SAR 3 million in the year 2015.
 Develop control system for all projects of 3 donors’ entities (86 projects) Execute Strategic Initiatives (SAR +10 million)


Head of Planning & Development Dept. (Aug 2012 – Dec 2013)
 Develop & built Balanced Scorecard for 3 entities, the size of this portfolio (SAR 150 million)


SMO Youth Development Company “Specializes in youth capacity building”
Business Developer (Jan 2012 – Jul 2012)
 Develop startup projects & business model

Holy Quran Memorization International Organization “Concerned with teaching the Holy Quran”
Quality Manager (Jun 2011 – Dec 2011)
Achieved with the organization receiving the “ISO 9001”

Strategic planning & Balanced Scorecards Specialist (Mar 2007 – May 2011)
 Participate in building the Balanced Scorecard of the Organization that has branches of 64 countries.
Al-Ayen International Company “for Art Production and distribution”

Assistant Manager (Feb 2005 – Feb 2007)
 Project managers of launching Sami Yusuf’s album “My Ummah” in the GCC and North Africa.

Nobel Center “Comprehensive development”
Coordinator of Training Programs (Jan 2004 – Jan 2005)
 Supervision and coordination 20 training programs for companies



 PMOC® – Project Management Office Certification – ALLPMO Network Inc. 2019 (License Number 19-0108X1-280061)
 Theory of Change for Planning and Impact Assessment – INTRAC for civil society 2018 (BAC accredited)
 Project Management Professional PMP – Project Management Institute (PMI) 2018 (PMP Number 2155977)
 SEDCO Executive Mini-MBA – Certified by Project Management Institute (PMI) 2017 (I was selected from among 300+ employees)
 Certified KPI Professional – The KPI Institute 2016
 Kaplan ‐ Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Graduate TM- License Number 15-1133 Palladium XPP, Riyadh 2014