Mustafa Abbas

Member Title: Manager Assistant & Aircraft Maintenance Technician at SAFAT Aviation Complex
Organization: SAFAT Aviation Complex



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 Sudan University of Science& Technology, College of Engineering,
Aeronautical Engineering Department.
 B.Sc. of Aeronautical Engineering (second Class division two (Honors)).
 Date of graduate: 1st Nov. 2010
 Graduation Project: “design of wing sub structure & analysis”
 Full EASA Modules (B1) by short curse in PERTH Aviation College


Professional Experiences responsibilities
* PHP developer in fast-prog company from 01/10/2017 up to date
Main responsibilities:
 analysis, design , Develop and test sale system for selling finger print device that include quotation-invoice-stock management- call center management – customer management – installation management
 analysis, design , Develop and test sale system for selling Perfumes that include Receiving customer call-invoice account approve – stock approve-delivery- supplier
 Include old responsibilities of system Analysis & manager assistance


* System Analysis & manager assistance in Fastprog company from 01 Dec 2015up to date
Main responsibilities:
 Issue invoices to customers
 Issue monthly customer statements
 Update customer files with issued invoices
 Process credit memos
 Update the customer master file with contact information
 Enter invoices into customer invoicing web sites
 Analyzing designing and implementing information system
 Identify, understand and plan for organizational and human impacts of Planned systems and ensure that new technical requirements are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets.
 Plan a system flow from the ground up.
 Interact with internal users and customers to learn and document requirements that are then used to produce business requirements documents.
 Write technical requirements.
 Interact with software architect to understand software limitations.
 Document requirements or contribute to user manuals.
 Responsible for designing components and providing that information to the developer.
 Administrative works.


* Aircraft line maintenance in NOVA AIRWAYS from 11 Aug 2014 To 1 NOV 2015
Main responsibilities:
 Servicing the Aircraft in according to the aircraft maintenance manual
 Perform routine and non-routine maintenance tasks
 Perform A( check in according to the aircraft maintenance manual


*Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in SAFAT aviation complex
from 22 April 2012 To 18 March 2014
Main responsibilities:
 Perform routine and non-routine maintenance tasks
 Ensure that they are fully conversant with the tasks allocated to them and competent to perform.
 Ensure that Licensed Engineer and Hangar Supervisor are kept fully advised of any impending service disruptions or problems.
 Ensure that replacement parts and components are done in a professional manners and all the required blanking of ports and covering the exposed areas are covered and meets a high standard of quality.
 Reports immediately any maintenance error to immediate supervision


 Dealing with Microsoft office and internet.
 Preparation and Coordination.
 Ability of learning new concepts.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Professional and enthusiastic.
 Motivated and ambitious.
 Team player and ability to work on my own initiative.
 Ability to build relationships and communicate at all levels.
 Ability to focus and priorities to deliver business value.
 Overcome obstacles to ensure timely delivery of project work.
 Take responsibility for achieving results.
 Participate.
 Hard worker and work under pressure ability.